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Chapter 76 - Allow Lu Liangwei To Toy With Him

Chapter 76: Allow Lu Liangwei To Toy With Him

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Lu Liangwei explained, “Although I have some knowledge on detoxification, I’m not a god after all, and I can’t know everything without doing anything.

“This poison has been lurking in Your Majesty’s body for a long time, so I wanted to find out what poison it is using your blood. As for examining your body, that is to understand your current physical condition so that I can prescribe your medicine accordingly.”

Her explanation sounded justified and well-founded. Long Yang’s face turned grim, and he shot a glance at Zhao Qian.

Zhao Qian immediately understood what he meant and hurriedly led Chief Physician Lin outside.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling a little amused.

She did not expect that the majestic and resolute Emperor would have such an awkward side to him.

She was just asking him to stick out his tongue; was it necessary to be so cautious?

After the inspection, Lu Liangwei picked up the cup of blood from the table and said to Long Yang, “I’ll take this blood back to run some tests, and I’ll report to Your Majesty once I have results.”

Long Yang secretly breathed a sigh of relief, glad that this girl did not demand any more from him.

Seeing that she was about to leave, he did not stop her and only nodded faintly. “Mm-hmm.”

“I’ll be going.” Lu Liangwei curtsied to him before exiting. Along the way, she fetched Zhu Yu who was waiting in the courtyard and left the house.

Zhao Qian and Chief Physician Lin only returned to the living room after Lu Liangwei had left.

Long Yang’s expression was the same as usual, and there was no sign of peculiarity.

Zhao Qian was a little suspicious. Did the master really allow Lu Liangwei to toy with him just now?

Zhao Qian found it unimaginable as he thought of this insane possibility.

On the other hand, Chief Physician Lin was deeply impressed by Lu Liangwei.

Originally, it was important to diagnose an illness through four methods: inspection, listening and smelling, inquiring, and palpation. However, this routine would not work when the Emperor was the patient. (TN: These four methods constitute the clinical assessment routine for traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.)

It was impossible to lift the Emperor’s eyelids, not to mention asking him to stick out his tongue.

As he had been serving the Emperor for many years, only he knew how difficult it was to treat the Emperor’s illness.

Apart from his illness being a tricky matter inherently, the emperor could not be treated as an ordinary patient, which further increased the difficulty of this job.

Today, however, Second Miss Lu did what he had always wanted but did not dare to.

If he had Lu Liangwei’s courage, he would have at least made some progress on the Emperor’s illness by now.

He could only hope that Second Miss Lu was really capable of curing the Emperor’s stubborn illness.

As soon as Lu Liangwei returned to Dusklight Court, she plunged herself into the recently opened medicinal room.

This medicinal room was originally a lodge but had now been cleaned up by Lu Liangwei and turned into a medicinal room.

On most days, she would bottle herself inside while developing various drugs during her free time.

Now that she had brought Long Yang’s blood back, she started running tests right away.

She was an expert at curing and developing poisons, and she quickly found out from Long Yang’s blood what he was poisoned with.

It was a kind of chronic poison that would not kill the person immediately but was nevertheless extremely insidious.

Not only would it slowly damage the person’s organs, but it would also make men unable to have sex and feel aversion toward women over time.

That explained why Long Yang had few consorts in his harem and no children so far despite being already thirty years old.

It was all because of this poison!

Lu Liangwei’s expression changed abruptly, her eyes widening in shock. She seemed to have discovered an incredible secret…

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