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Chapter 75 - Lifting The Emperor’s Eyelids Without Hesitation

Chapter 75: Lifting The Emperor’s Eyelids Without Hesitation

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Looking down at the handkerchief embroidered with colorful butterflies on his palm, he asked unexpectedly, “Did you embroider this handkerchief?”

Lu Liangwei was at a loss trying to keep up with his unusual thinking. She looked at him in confusion and replied truthfully, “No, I’m bad at embroidery. My maidservant did this.”

Long Yang nodded. “Judging from your appearance, you’re probably not good at embroidery.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei felt a little indignant.

Judging from her appearance?

What was wrong with her appearance?

“Does Your Majesty always judge people by their appearance like this?” She was a little upset and could not help retorting in a slightly aggressive tone.

Zhao Qian scowled. This Second Miss Lu was getting too bold—how dare she speak to the master that way!

Such unruly behavior!

On the contrary, Long Yang was not bothered by her attitude. Instead, he found the sight of her rosy face flushing with anger quite adorable.

She was only a young girl, but she always had a mature and reliable front put on every time he saw her. While he found it funny, he could not help himself from teasing her.

He preferred her current demeanor.

This was how a teenage girl should behave.

He did not even notice how gentle he looked at this moment.

His profound gaze scrutinized her for a bit, and then he said calmly, “If I was the kind of person who judges someone by their appearance, I’m afraid that Second Miss Lu wouldn’t even have the chance to be standing here.”

What he meant was, if he were to judge solely based on looks, he would never have believed that Lu Liangwei could cure his illness. If so, Lu Liangwei would not have the opportunity to be standing here today.

As Lu Liangwei met his snow-cold eyes, she gave a start and regretted her earlier outburst a little.

She lowered her eyes and said in a seemingly respectful manner, “Your Majesty is indeed wise to be able to recognize my potential, I’m truly in awe.” Her words were followed by an “excuse me” gesture as she reached out to rest her fingers on his pulse. After taking his pulse for a few moments, she then extended her hand to lift his eyelids.

Long Yang leaned back subconsciously and reached out to grasp her fingers.

“Lu Liangwei, what are you trying to do?”

Lu Liangwei said calmly, “Your Majesty, I’m giving you a further checkup. I hope that you can cooperate.”

Long Yang stared at her for a while before eventually letting go of her hand.

After recovering her freedom, Lu Liangwei did not hesitate to lift the emperor’s eyelids.

At this moment, Long Yang was just another patient in her eyes. Since he was a patient, it was natural that he should not be treated differently and should be examined however appropriate.

Zhao Qian and Chief Physician Lin were both dumbfounded by her actions.

Second Miss Lu… How bold of her to lift the Emperor’s eyelids without hesitation like this.

They were thrown into greater shock by Lu Liangwei’s next words.

“Your Majesty, please stick your tongue out for me to examine.”

Zhao Qian could not hold himself back anymore and burst out, “This is too much, Second Miss Lu!”

Lu Liangwei eyed him coolly. “Are you the physician, or am I? Or could it be that you don’t want His Majesty to get well?”

Zhao Qian’s expression stiffened. “Of course I wish for His Majesty to get well, you…”

“Then shut up!” Lu Liangwei interrupted him unceremoniously and turned to look at the Emperor. “Your Majesty, please continue to cooperate with me.”

Long Yang felt a little uncomfortable being stared at so pressingly by her.

He narrowed his unreadable eyes dangerously. “Since you’re still going to do this checkup, why did you take my blood?”

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