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Chapter 74 - I’ve Overstepped

Chapter 74: I’ve Overstepped

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Noticing Zhao Qian’s agitated reaction, Lu Liangwei was startled for a while before realizing what had caused it.

Long Yang was the emperor, and she had suddenly asked to take his blood. In their ears, such a request was a display of utter disrespect to the Emperor.

Moreover, drawing blood involved breaking the skin.

Usually, except for his close guards and the palace cavalry commander, nobody was allowed to bear any weapons in the presence of the Emperor to avoid any assassination attempts.

Zhao Qian reacted that way because of her rash request to draw blood, and even the way he looked at her had changed.

She raised her eyes and glanced at the Emperor. Seeing that his eyes showed no anger, she breathed a sigh of relief and explained, “I just want to examine what Your Majesty has been poisoned with through the blood so that I can prescribe the right treatment.”

Zhao Qian frowned when he heard this. He felt that Second Miss Lu had become conceited after being in the Emperor’s good graces.

The master treated her differently from others, and she was clearly taking advantage of this to act brazenly.

Although Chief Physician Lin had been treating the master for many years, he had never once made such an inordinate request. On the other hand, this girl was acting so presumptuously despite her modest age.

He was about to reprimand her but noticed that his master was not showing any hint of being upset.

“How much do you want?” Long Yang’s tone was unexpectedly gentle.

“Not much, just around the amount of this cup.” Lu Liangwei picked up a small porcelain cup from the table and measured its size with her hand.

Zhao Qian’s eyes widened. How much would the master need to bleed to fill this cup?

He was about to yell at her when he heard the master order him, “Zhao Qian, go get a dagger.”

“Master…” Zhao Qian wanted to protest, but Long Yang’s sharp glance made him swallow his words immediately. “Very well.”

Soon, Zhao Qian presented a dagger to Long Yang.

Long Yang took it and, seeing Lu Liangwei standing motionless, he curved his thin lips. “Lu Liangwei, are you not going to come and take it?”

Holding the cup, Lu Liangwei stepped forward at his order.

With a flick of the dagger, Long Yang slashed his palm without hesitation.

“Master!” Zhao Qian exclaimed, his already pale face losing even more color.

Long Yang ignored him. Bright red blood immediately flowed out from the slash wound on his palm.

Lu Liangwei quickly used the cup to catch the dripping blood.

She sneaked a glance at the Emperor but met his dark, bottomless eyes unexpectedly.

Those eyes were full of mystery and were now carrying a hint of scrutiny.

Startled, she lowered her gaze at once.

She recalled that he had called her by her full name just now. Was he angry?

In the past, he had always called her Second Miss Lu…

When there was almost enough blood, she took out a bottle of powdered medicine from her purse and sprinkled it on his wound, then used a clean handkerchief to bandage his hand.

Her series of movements was very natural and smooth.

As Long Yang observed his bandaged palm, a faint, undetectable smile appeared in his gaze.

“How unexpected of Second Miss Lu to carry these things around.”

Lu Liangwei was packing up the bottle of medicine. When she heard this, dismay flashed across her pretty little face, and she hurriedly grabbed Long Yang’s hand to untie the handkerchief.

“I’ve overstepped, It’s better to let Chief Physician Lin bandage your wound.”

Long Yang was taken aback at the sudden feeling of her small, soft hand on the back of his.

He cast his eyes downward.

The girl’s white and slender fingers resting on the back of his hand seemed peculiarly small.

He never knew that a woman’s hand could be so soft and dainty, and he could not help stealing another glance.

However, he quickly came back to his senses and gently avoided her movement.

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