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Chapter 78 - Fighting For A Chance To Attract Attention

Chapter 78: Fighting For A Chance To Attract Attention

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It was a good thing that she was sent off. The upcoming days in the Grand Duke Mansion would be more peaceful.

The happiest of all would be Zhu Yu.

“Serves her right for acting so arrogantly all the time. All she can do now is stay put at the temple,” Zhu Yu said. She finally felt a wrong had been righted.

However, this matter had alerted the Dowager Duchess.

The Dowager Duchess got someone to summon Lu Hetian to the Longevity Hall.

“You’ve been putting up with her all these years. Why would you suddenly have people to send her away this time?” The Dowager Duchess looked at her son questioningly.

Lu Hetian explained, “Madam Zheng’s attitude was still considered within the line before this, but this time at the birthday banquet, she had tried to harm Weiwei.”

“What happened?” The Dowager Duchess frowned.

Lu Hetian reiterated what had happened at the birthday banquet to her.

“How could Madam Zheng have such gall to harm Weiwei in such a way? It was lucky that Weiwei had luck on her side and did not end up enraging the Emperor.” After listening to the story, the Dowager Duchess got angry about this as well.

She had never liked Madam Zheng before this. If not for the sake of Madam Ling, and the fact that Madam Zheng had given Lu Hetian a daughter, she would have kicked Madam Zheng out long ago.

She had always known that Madam Zheng was always up to no good, but had turned a blind eye at her behavior as she had not done anything that was considered terrible.

However, she never would have thought that Madam Zheng would dare to harm Weiwei so publicly at the birthday banquet, even though at the end, nothing happened to Weiwei.

The Dowager Duchess could not tolerate this act of Madam Zheng.

No matter how bad Weiwei’s temperament was, she was still her granddaughter. Besides, that runt of a girl, Weiwei, had changed so much and her personality has now become more likable.

Why did Madam Zheng think she could trap Weiwei this way? Was it because her son-in-law was the Crown Prince, which gave her the audacity to do this?

The Dowager Duchess initially had something to say about how Lu Hetian had treated Madam Zheng, but now that she was aware of what Madam Zheng did, she changed her mind about it.

“It’s just as well. Let her reflect on her wrongdoings in the temple. If she repents, it won’t be too late to bring her back.”

Lu Hetian nodded. “Mother is right.”

“If Shuang’er finds out about this, she won’t stand by and do nothing. You need to be prepared for it,” the Dowager Duchess suddenly said.

Lu Hetian frowned but said confidently, “Shuang’er is an understanding child. If she knew what terrible thing Madam Zheng had done, she would understand my actions.”

The Dowager Duchess did not object to this when she heard his reply.

Her son may be biased toward that girl, Weiwei, but Shuang’er was still his daughter as well.

He may not like Madam Zheng, but Shuang’er was innocent. Moreover, Shuang’er had always been an intelligent and understanding child since she was young, which was why he had always treated Shuang’er well.

Even the Dowager Duchess herself found it difficult to dislike that child.

After all, the Lu family did not have many grandchildren.

For the next few days, besides stopping by to greet the Dowager Duchess, Lu Liangwei stayed in her medicinal room, fiddling with her medicine.

When Lu Tingchen returned from Palace duty, he went directly to Dusklight Court.

Lu Liangwei was walking out of her medicinal room when she saw Lu Tingchen standing in the courtyard.

He still had his armor on and was leaning against the peach tree.

It was the season of peach blossoms and the tree was filled with brilliant blooms of flowers. Lu Tingchen stood under the tree, his strikingly handsome face seemed to be fighting with the blossoms to attract attention.

Lu Liangwei blinked several times as her heart sighed. Lu Tingchen was such a good-looking man!

“Big Brother, why are you back so early?”

Lu Tingchen looked at her with a smile on his face. He pointed toward the night sky and said teasingly, “The sky is already dark, it’s not early at all.”

Lu Liangwei hit herself on the head. “Oh, it’s already so late.”

She had been staying put in the medicinal room the entire day and did not realize that so much time had passed.

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