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Chapter 69 - Bumping Into Long Yang

Chapter 69: Bumping Into Long Yang

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Zhu Yu was stunned. “Miss, let me do it.”

Right at that moment, the weight on Lu Liangwei’s hands lightened. The little beggar had been carried off by someone.

Lu Liangwei was a little astonished when she saw who did it. “Why are you here?”

Chu Qi glanced at her without saying a word.

It was only then that Lu Liangwei saw Long Yang appearing behind him.

This man was wearing an ordinary loose, green robe today. He could scarcely hide his charisma and charm while walking on the busy street.

His deep, mysterious eyes looked over from afar and people immediately held their breath as an invisible feeling of pressure enveloped wherever he looked.

He was holding a hand fan that was not opened. All he did was hold on to it.

He walked over casually, moving a little lazily and a little carefree.

His face warned off people from coming closer and was filled with a sense of abstinence, but it attracted the looks of passersby as they watched him.

However, there was an aura about him that made one afraid of taking the chance to approach him. All they could do was watch from afar.

It was only when he had gotten nearer that Lu Liangwei realized that there was a tinge of paleness on his face.

Long Yang stopped in his steps to look at this young girl whose height only reached his chest. His lips curled upward slightly as his interested gaze fell on her face, which had been drawn on purpose to make her look ugly.

Her eyebrows, which were originally thin and pretty had been drawn to look thick, while her cheeks and forehead were dabbed with little speckles that covered her usually refreshing yet outstandingly beautiful face.

Lu Liangwei could not help but blush when she realized the man observing her face. She coughed lightly before saying, “Why are you here too?”

As she said this, she suddenly remembered something. Before he had the chance to reply, she turned toward Chu Qi to say, “That child is seriously injured. We need to get him to the nearest medical hall for treatment.”

With that, she looked around and spotted a medical hall that was not far ahead. “Let’s go there.”

Chu Qi looked at Long Yang. When he saw Long Yang give a curt nod, he carried the child and hurried toward the medical hall.

Lu Liangwei followed behind as she was still feeling worried.

That child was quite pitiful. He was nothing but skin and bones from the constant hunger and after being viciously kicked by Chen Xuping, he had fallen into a deep coma.

The physician at the medical hall was shocked when he saw the child. “How did he get so badly hurt? Put the child down quickly.”

Chu Qi carried the child to a bamboo bed near the window and the medical hall physician immediately walked over. He started to diagnose the child.

After that, the physician wrote a prescription for the medical hall’s workers to grab the medicine for boiling.

While the physician was treating the child, Lu Liangwei stood quietly at the side to observe.

She had a deep passion and interest in traditional Chinese medicine.

Actually, she was able to treat this child as well, but the medical hall was nearby and the first thing she thought of was to bring the child there. She had not expected to bump into Long Yang.

When the old physician was done with the treatment, Lu Liangwei immediately approached him to ask, “Physician, is this child going to be okay?”

The old physician looked her up and down, and turned his gaze toward the unconscious child lying on the bamboo bed. He quickly discerned what had happened and sighed. “That child has not been eating well or been kept warm. He is undernourished. In addition to that, his stomach had suffered a heavy blow, which had caused him to vomit blood and lose consciousness. If he hadn’t been sent here timely for treatment, he might not have survived the night.”

Lu Liangwei gave a sigh of relief as she nodded. “Thank you, physician.”

She took out a money pouch from her waist to pay him for the treatment.

“Physician, it looks like this child will not be waking up anytime soon, and I don’t think he has anywhere to be. I will have to trouble you to spend some time on him until he has at least recovered before allowing him to leave.”

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