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Chapter 70 - There Was Nothing She Could Do

Chapter 70: There Was Nothing She Could Do

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The physician nodded and did not reject it as he took the payment. “Don’t worry, miss. This Hanging Pot Medical Hall is a place to treat and save people. We will take good care of this child.”

Lu Liangwei could tell that this physician was not a bad man. She took a money pouch from Zhu Yu’s hands and passed it to the physician. “This money pouch belongs to the child. Please return it to him when he wakes up.”

The physician took it from her and promised in goodwill.

Lu Liangwei went to take another look at the child. He was lying on the bamboo bed, looking like a little clump. It was truly a pitiful sight. A part of her still worried about leaving him here.

Even though it was March now, the temperature was still a little low. She reached out for the blanket on the bamboo bed and covered the child with it. Next, she took out a piece of silver and handed it to a worker from the medical hall.

“Can I trouble you to make a trip to help this child buy two sets of clean clothes? You can keep the rest of the money as a reward. Please do take good care of him for the next few days. I’ll visit him again in a couple of days.”

The worker promised heartily and replied earnestly, “Don’t worry, miss. I’ll take good care of him.”

Lu Liangwei nodded.

She was not someone who interfered much in another’s life, but this child was so young and was now severely hurt. It was truly woeful.

However, it was best to leave him at the medical hall at the moment. She would visit him again in two days and make further plans then.

Once she had made the decision, Lu Liangwei turned back, only to see Long Yang’s ice-cold face with an expression full of chilling charisma.

For some reason, while looking at his slightly pursed lips, she felt that his mood right now was not that great.

Although, why was that?

He was in a normal mood moments before.

Lu Liangwei found this a little strange.

Long Yang took a look at the boy on the bamboo bed and turned to leave the medical hall.

Lu Liangwei paused in hesitation and later followed suit.

Zhao Qian moved toward her with a big smile on his face. There was friendliness in his tone as he asked, “Second Miss Lu, what exactly happened just now? How did the child get hurt?”

Lu Liangwei glanced at him. Somehow, there was something about his smile that told her that he was trying to get into her good books.

Not really understanding what was going on, she raised her eyebrows slightly.

Zhao Qian was Long Yang’s confidant and was the Head of Palace Affairs, which meant that he had a high authority.

There must usually be many people trying to curry favor with him, yet now, why was he acting that way toward her?

Lu Liangwei pretended not to notice as she told him about what had happened. However, she made no mention of Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping. All she said was that the people who had beaten up the young boy were two customers who had walked out of Drunk Fragrance Pavilion.

She was not trying to hide any information about Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping, but if she had mentioned them, no one would have believed her. Instead, they would think that she was trying to harm Lu Yunshuang on purpose out of jealousy.

Zhao Qian nodded. “So, that was what happened.”

As he said this, he glanced toward his master in front of them and said with slight concern, “Second Miss, you mentioned before that you would be able to treat my master, and I wonder…”

Lu Liangwei understood what he was trying to say. “Since I’ve said it, it means that I should have the confidence to do so.”

Zhao Qian’s eyes brightened at her words. The Head of Palace Affairs’ expression was actually filled with agitation. “Second Miss, this is not the place to talk. Please follow me.”

Lu Liangwei knew that Long Yang must have suddenly left the Palace because of the longevity noodles he had last night.

She knew very well that Long Yang must have thought it strange that she was able to treat him when even the imperial hospital could do nothing about his illness.

However, since she had already let the word out, there was nothing she could do even if she did not want to get any trouble on her hands.

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