Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 68 - Without Hinder

Chapter 68: Without Hinder

Lu Liangwei did not eat much of anything, although Zhu Yu was enjoying the dishes quite happily.

She used to come here often, but all she did was stand by the side while she watched the Miss eat.

This was the first time she got to savor the dishes of Drunk Fragrance Pavilion and the taste was as heavenly as rumored.

As her maidservant’s head was buried into her food, Lu Liangwei’s gaze started to sweep the area.

Right at that moment, a handsome man walked down from upstairs.

It took one look for Lu Liangwei to recognize this handsome man. It was no one other than Lu Yunshuang disguised as a man.

A good-looking young man followed behind her.

That young man was Lin Qingyuan’s fiancé, Chen Xuping.

Chen Xuping walked behind her, which was why he let his adoration for Lu Yunshuang shine in his eyes without hinder.

The main hall was filled with customers shuffling in and out, and the pair did not notice Lu Liangwei seated at the corner.

Once they walked out of Drunk Fragrance Pavilion, a little beggar with tattered clothes and a dirty face suddenly approached them. “Mister, please do a good deed and give some alms to poor, little me.”

When Lu Yunshuang saw this, her face crinkled in disgust but she quickly resumed her previous expression.

Chen Xuping immediately came forward when he saw this and gave the beggar a kick which sent him flying. “Scram.”

The little beggar screamed as he was sent hurtling to quite a distance away. He coughed up a mouthful of blood onto the ground.

He did not manage to get even one copper coin and instead was beaten into serious injury.

Passersby who witnessed Chen Xuping’s violent actions started to point at him and chatter amongst themselves.

Lu Yunshuang frowned slightly at this and said in annoyance, “Xuping, there was no need to be so hard on him. All he wanted was some money.”

Chen Xuping knew she had a kind heart, so he quickly consoled her. “Why would you bother with the life or death of a lowly peasant such as him. If he wants money, I’ll just give it to him.”

As he said this, he took out a money pouch from his waist and threw it onto the beggar.

Lu Yunshuang did not say anything more when she saw him giving the beggar money, and walked away toward the front without giving the beggar another look.

Chen Xuping quickly followed behind.

When the passersby saw the pair leave, they started muttering angrily, “Those brutes truly have no conscience. Even if they aren’t willing to give any alms, there is no need to beat him up. Now that they’ve hurt him, all they did was give him some money and leave just like that. That’s going too far.”

“Those rich folk are all the same. It’s not the first time something like this has happened,” someone sighed.

“It’s been quite a while and this beggar still hasn’t gotten up. Could he have been beaten to death?” Right then, someone noticed something wrong and exclaimed in worry.

When Lu Liangwei walked out, she heard the passersby’s shouting, but no one helped the beggar.

It was because the little beggar was too dirty and that kick he had suffered from that man was truly serious. If the little beggar was dead and someone were to touch him, it was considered bad luck.

Even though the passersby were sympathetic, no one was willing to help out.

Zhu Yu was used to such situations and was about to pull her Miss away when Lu Liangwei instead started walking toward the little beggar.

“Miss?” Shocked, Zhu Yu quickly followed behind her.

Lu Liangwei crouched down next to the little beggar. His face was covered by his hair and only a vague outline of his skinny, weak face could be seen.

Lu Liangwei did not care if he was dirty. She reached her hands out to feel the breath of the little beggar at the nose and felt his pulse. She discovered that he had passed out due to the serious injury, but there was no danger to his life.

“Miss, how is he doing? Is he okay?” Zhu Yu stood behind her and could not help asking when she saw Lu Liangwei checking up on the little beggar.

Miss almost always had a medical book in her hand lately. She would also practice feeling pulses and acupuncture on the maidservants in the courtyard most of the time.

That was why Zhu Yu knew that her Miss had learned a thing or two about this.

“He passed out due to the serious injury. We need to take him to the medical hall for treatment,” Lu Liang reached out to help the little beggar while she said this.

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