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Chapter 67 - All She Hoped, Was That She Had Overthought This

Chapter 67: All She Hoped, Was That She Had Overthought This

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There was another thing. The Emperor had taken over the reins of ruling the country for quite a while but had not sired a child to date. He had no alternative but to appoint Long Chi as the Crown Prince. This surely meant that the Emperor must be suffering from some secret illness.

How could a woman maintain her status when she has entered the Palace yet could not produce a child?

When Long Chi becomes the Emperor and Yunshuang becomes Queen, would they treat Weiwei well?

There were too many complications involved and the Dowager Duchess did not explain every one of them to Aunt Lan.

All she hoped, was that she had overthought this.

Lu Liangwei and Zhu Yu left the Grand Duke Mansion after exiting Longevity Hall.

All this while, she had stayed inside the mansion while reading medical books. Otherwise, she would be experimenting around with medicinal ingredients. Besides entering the Palace yesterday, she had never truly stepped out of the mansion doors.

She went for a round of window shopping with Zhu Yu and bought some things she wanted. When she was heading back, she saw a restaurant named Drunk Fragrance Pavilion.

Her eyes narrowed and she stopped walking.

“Zhu Yu, I’m hungry. Let’s go in for some food,” she strode toward the restaurant as she said this.

Zhu Yu scratched her head and looked at the various snacks held in her hand, thinking about how Miss had just eaten a variety of snacks.

How could she be hungry now?

Although she could not comprehend this, she quickly followed suit nevertheless.

It was mealtime at Drunk Fragrance Pavilion, and the restaurant was filled with customers bustling in and out.

Customers visiting this restaurant were mostly either rich people or nobles.

This was because the Drunk Fragrance Pavilion had a good menu and even the alcohol provided was well-known within the city.

There were many types of customers visiting this restaurant for their meal every day, and the prices on the menus were quite expensive. Drunk Fragrance Pavilion only accepted customers who were high-ranking officials or rich nobles and it was not difficult to tell that it made a lot of profit daily.

Lu Liangwei walked in with Zhu Yu and saw that the restaurant was indeed filled with a never-ending stream of customers. She secretly thought about how apt it was that this was one of Lu Yunshuang’s more profitable assets.

However, she was also aware that Drunk Fragrance Pavilion was just a restaurant on the surface. In fact, it was secretly grooming a huge batch of assassins who were specially used by her for murder and collecting intel.

Lu Yunshuang had contributed greatly in assisting Long Chi to take the crown.

However, her tactics were too vicious and despicable, and she even resorted to killing the innocent.

Even though Lu Liangwei’s clothes did not look luxurious, the waiter at Drunk Fragrance Pavilion could tell that the cloth was of superior quality. He immediately welcomed her enthusiastically.

“There is a private room upstairs for you, miss.”

Lu Liangwei scanned the surroundings of the Drunk Fragrance Pavilion and later pointed to a seat next to the window in the main dining area. “I’ll take that seat.”

“No problem. Here you go, miss!” The waiter replied and led Lu Liangwei to her desired seat in a well-trained manner.

Lu Liangwei ordered a few dishes and pulled Zhu Yu toward a seat to dine together.

Zhu Yu had gotten used to the Miss’s change in temperament during recent times. She was initially reserved about it, but had gotten much more relaxed about her new conditions.

“Miss, the dishes at Drunk Fragrance Pavilion used to be your favorite. Have more of them,” Zhu Yu purposefully placed the food into Lu Liangwei’s bowl.

To be honest, Lu Liangwei had eaten quite a bit while they were shopping. Now that delicacies were spread out in front of her, she did not have much of an appetite for them at all.

“There’s no need to give me any more food. Just help yourself,” Lu Liangwei quickly stopped her and pushed the dishes back toward Zhu Yu.

“You’re too thin. Have more food.”

Zhu Yu’s eyes immediately turned red. She felt that Miss had changed quite a lot since the previous incident. Not only had her temper mellowed, but she was also kinder and made sure to take care of her servants.


When Lu Liangwei saw the small maidservant’s eyes turned red, she instantly knew what was going on and could not help feeling speechless.

This girl had misunderstood her. The truth was Lu Liangwei really could not eat anything more.

She patted Zhu Yu on the shoulder. “It’s okay, don’t think too much about this. Just eat the dishes while they’re hot.”

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