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Chapter 66 - He Won’t Make A Good Husband

Chapter 66: He Won’t Make A Good Husband

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The Dowager Duchess nearly burst out laughing. She pointed at Lu Liangwei’s head as she scolded playfully, “Is that bowl of longevity noodles plated with gold or is it plated with silver? Such gall for you to ask for that!”

Lu Liangwei smiled and replied, “It was supposed to be worth nothing, but when the Emperor insisted on rewarding me with the Southern Seas pearls, well, because of the Emperor, the noodles are now one-of-a-kind. Isn’t that the same as being plated in gold or silver?”

The Dowager Duchess turned toward Aunt Lan, grumbling, “Just listen to this girl, she’s getting glibber by the minute. It was but a normal bowl of longevity noodles, but when she’s talking about it now, it has become one-of-a-kind.”

It sounded like a complaint, but cheerfulness was evident in her eyes and her expression.

Aunt Lan laughed along as well. “If it was up to me, this glibness of Second Miss should be used for business purposes, it would be such a shame no to.”

“That’s right, that’s exactly right. If she had her own business, she is sure to earn buckets and buckets of profit,” the Dowager Duchess said with a laugh.

The group shared a burst of bright and happy laughter.

Lu Liangwei mumbled in dissatisfaction, “Both Grandmother and Aunt Lan are bullying me. Hmph, I’m leaving.”

The Dowager Duchess wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes and waved her hands in a gesture of chasing Lu Liangwei away. She said in mock disdain, “Fine, fine. Just leave if you want to. Stop being an eyesore to us here.”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes and suddenly hugged the Dowager Duchess’ arm. “If you want to chase me off, Grandmother, there’s no way I’m leaving. I want to stay here and annoy you.”

The Dowager Duchess tousled her hair fondly. The loving look in her eyes was almost overflowing.

It touched Aunt Lan as she watched this. The Dowager Duchess actually loved Second Miss a lot. It was not only because she was the granddaughter of the primary wife, but it was more of the fact that she was Madam Ling’s child…

However, the Second Miss had committed too many wrongs in the past which disappointed the Dowager Duchess greatly. She could not bear to punish Second Miss, which was why at the height of Second Miss’s worst crimes, she decided to turn a blind eye to everything and went off to Tianzhu Temple to offer prayers to Buddha.

This time on her return, Second Miss had abruptly changed and was no longer as arrogant or willful as before.

The Dowager Duchess had noticed all of these changes and now the love she held for Lu Liangwei had poured out from within and was expressed openly.

This was a love that Miss Lu Yunshuang could not hold a candle to.

After Lu Liangwei left, the relaxed and cheerful expression on the Dowager Duchess’ face immediately turned grim and serious.

Aunt Lan had been attending to her for a long time, and she noticed the change at once. She asked uncertainly, “Is something wrong?”

The Dowager Duchess sighed. “I wonder if it’s a good or bad thing for Weiwei’s change in attitude.”

Aunt Lan smiled and replied, “You used to always worry about her being shortchanged when Second Miss acted the way she did. Now that Second Miss is more understanding and mature, you’re still worried about her. If it was up to me, I’d say the Second Miss is doing quite well now.”

The Dowager Duchess shook her head. “Naturally, I’m relieved and happy that Weiwei has grown to be more obedient, but I’m worried she’s become too exemplary and will garner too much attention.”

Aunt Lan frowned and thought about it for a while. She finally understood the meaning of those words. “You’re worried the Emperor would…”

The Dowager Duchess did not deny this. She sighed soulfully. “The Emperor is an exceptionally fine ruler, but I do not wish for Weiwei to get his attention.”

“Are you sure you are not overthinking this? The Emperor is thirty this year and the Second Miss is only fifteen-years-old. There is a wide age gap, it shouldn’t be possible…”

The Dowager Duchess sighed. “I hope so.”

She was extremely worried not because of the age gap, but rather the complicated politics within the Palace. When Madam Ling was alive, she had promised her to find Lu Liangwei a good husband, ensuring her a life of peace and happiness.

The Emperor might be an exceptional ruler, but he would not make a good husband. His imperial harem alone was enough to give one a headache.

Even though he did not have many concubines and consorts, all four of his consorts were not people that were easily trifled with. The Palace was not a pleasant place to be married into.

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