Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 281 - Weiwei Was His Life

Chapter 281: Weiwei Was His Life

He even purposely emphasized his tone when saying that there was no problem.

Besides, His Majesty’s poison was cured with Weiwei’s help. She was the one who knew best if there were any problems with His Majesty.

However, he could not reveal this. If his grandmother and father found out about it, Weiwei would be properly taught a lesson.

The Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian’s expressions looked slightly better after hearing Lu Tingchen’s words.

Lu Tingchen was highly valued by His Majesty and was always working by the side of His Majesty. His words were naturally more trustworthy than most.

If he said there was no problem with His Majesty, then there should be no problem.

However, Lu Hetain was still slightly doubtful. If there was no problem with the Emperor, why was Ji Linghui still maintaining her innocence after being in the Palace for so many years? Why would Ji Qingyuan secretly side with the Prince of Xiangyang?

Lu Hetian was feeling suspicious.

However, his son would never lie to him, unless Lu Tingchen was unaware of the truth.

At this thought, Lu Hetian decided to sit on the fence regarding Long Yang’s health.

Even though the three of them said nothing, there was a strange atmosphere in the air which Lu Liangwei noticed.

She was not a naive little girl who did not know anything. When the Dowager Duchess suddenly mentioned His Majesty’s health, she immediately knew what she meant.

The Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian were worried that she would not have happiness being married to Long Yang.

She felt warmth in her heart, but at the same time, she also felt a little sorrowful.

It did not matter if Long Yang had health issues. The fact was that he was the Emperor, and marrying an Emperor meant that she should not harbor any wild wishes for happiness.

No matter how well Long Yang treated her, he was still the Emperor who had an imperial harem and could possess numerous beauties.

The imperial harem only had four concubines right now because Long Yang’s health was not doing well previously. Now that he was healthy again, it was only a matter of time before he expanded his imperial harem and started to have more beauties…

Lu Liangwei felt a little dejected at the thought of her becoming one of them.

How did she force herself into such a corner?

Marrying an honest, down-to-earth adopted son-in-law, staying with the Lu family, and never separating from her family were her initial goals. Yet now, it seemed to be getting further and further away from her. It was now impossible for her to achieve this her entire life.

Lu Liangwei felt downcast.

Le Hetian noticed her feeling despondent and felt his heart aching for her. He blurted, “Mother, Weiwei doesn’t want to go to the Palace, why not…”

The Dowager Duchess glared at him. “Why not what? Are you thinking about rebelling?”

Lu Hetian clenched his fist. If Weiwei truly did not wish to enter the Palace, why not have a rebellion?

The Dowager Duchess was having a headache. How could she not understand her son’s thoughts?

Weiwei was his life. If Weiwei was getting married happily into the Palace, he might have reluctantly accepted it, but Weiwei was obviously not happy about marrying His Majesty. How could he stand by and do nothing?

The Dowager Duchess was worried her son might do something stupid and gave him a warning glare. Her tone softened. “It looks like the weather is getting warmer. I’ll be taking Weiwei to stay in Tianzhu Mountain for a few days.”

Lu Hetian was astonished when he heard her say this.

Tianzhu Mountain was well-known because of Tianzhu Temple.

Tianzhu Temple was famous for prayers and was built on Tianzhu Mountain. Many devotees headed there daily to pray and listen to Buddhist chants. The Dowager Duchess would also visit Tianzhu Temple to pray whenever she was free.

However, she had just visited the temple recently and had only been home for a short time. Lu Hetian could not help thinking too much into this now that she wanted to head there again.

He was a wise person and now that he had calmed down, he quickly understood her intention.

His mother must be bringing Weiwei with her on purpose to avoid the Emperor.

Lu Hetian supported this. “That’s just as well. It’s a coincidence that there’s nothing much to handle in the army in a couple of days. I can personally see you there.”

Lu Tingchen opened his mouth, wanting to say that he could take them, but since his father had mentioned it, it would not be smart to fight him over this.

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