Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 280 - The Emperor’s Plans

Chapter 280: The Emperor’s Plans

The Dowager Duchess sighed heavily at the sight of Weiwei’s worried look on her petite face. She patted Weiwei’s hand. “I was the one that got you into this mess.”

“How could you think so, Grandmother. This has nothing to do with you,” Lu Liangwei said anxiously.

“I was the one who had believed His Majesty’s words. I should have known that my granddaughter is not an easy person. This is my fault,” the Dowager Duchess waved her hand and wrung her wrists in sorrow as she said this. She suddenly looked like she had aged a few more years.

Lu Liangwei hugged her arm and cajoled her, “Grandmother, you were just blindsided because you were concerned for me. Besides this matter… It was actually all His Majesty’s fault!” An angry look flashed across her face as she said this.

It was indeed Long Yang who had crossed the line in this matter.

“Weiwei, you shouldn’t say such things!” The Dowager Duchess’ tone suddenly turned low.

No one would know what one was thinking, but it would be a huge taboo to voice it out loud.

Weiwei might have changed into a person who was obedient and understanding, but she was still too young.

The Dowager Duchess suddenly felt a little troubled.

What was there to do once Weiwei has entered the Palace.

Lu Liangwei knew she had misspoken and turned silent without saying another word.

The Dowager Duchess sighed and rubbed her head. She said in a grave tone, “That’s enough. There’s nothing else we can do since things have developed this way. The marriage date has already been decided. It would be on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. You would need to learn to accept it during this time.”

Lu Liangwei’s fingers clenched tight when she heard this.

It was already the middle of May. If the date was Mid-Autumn Festival, she would be only left with three months.

An Emperor marrying an Empress would require intricate and complex formalities. Was it not supposed to require a long preparation?

It could not be completed without at least a year.

Why was it able to be accomplished within a short three months when it came to her?

Lu Liangwei frowned. She felt slightly unhappy about this.

She had originally thought that she would only get married next year even if the marriage has been decided. If that was so, she could at least have a year to spend at home, but now, she was only left with three months to be at home with her family…

Lu Hetian frowned. He was also unhappy with the marriage date. When his mother mentioned the matter to him, he had thought His Majesty had done something to Weiwei, which was why he had agreed to the date even though he was not happy with it.

However, Weiwei had now said that nothing had happened between her and His Majesty. That would mean that His Majesty could not wait to marry Weiwei and bring her into the Palace.

Lu Hetian’s face turned a few degrees colder at the thought.

The Emperor’s plans were now made abundantly clear!

Lu Hetian cursed Long Yang in his heart.

Right then, the Dowager Duchess said worriedly, “His Majesty’s health…”

Lu Hetian’s face turned grimmer at the words. He suddenly remembered the words Ji Qingyuan said to him.

His Majesty was now thirty, but his concubines’ innocence was still maintained. He had even appointed his older brother’s son as the Heir Apparent. What else could there be if not for the fact that he had a problem with his health?

Did the Emperor want to make a living widow out of Weiwei?

The Dowager Duchess only suspected that Long Yang had issues with his health and did not think anything past that. That was why when Long Yang informed her that Weiwei was now his woman, it had enraged her.

Now that she noticed the look on her son’s face and thought about the situation in the imperial harem as well as the appointment of Long Chi as the Heir Apparent, she quickly made the connection and her heart fell.

The Emperor could not perform?

Lu Tingchen had not said a word throughout this, but when he saw the strange looks on his grandmother and father’s face, he quickly understood what they were having misgivings about. He was slightly embarrassed about it but knew he had to say something. “Grandmother, Father, you don’t need to overthink this. His Majesty’s health is well and there are no problems.”

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