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Chapter 282 - Long Yang Always Liked To Barge Into Her Room At Night

Chapter 282: Long Yang Always Liked To Barge Into Her Room At Night

Lu Liangwei did not object to her grandmother and father’s decision.

It would be nice to go to Tianzhu Mountain. She would like to take a trip.

If she had to stay in the mansion and wait to get married, she would go crazy for sure.

At night.

As she was bathing, Lu Liangwei was pondering and got lost in her thoughts. By the time she got out from her bath, the water had turned a bit cold.

She casually put on a set of nightclothes and grabbed a piece of towel to wrap her wet hair.

She held onto the towel with one hand and walked out from behind the folding screen without much thought.

However, her movements stiffened at the very next moment.

Her pretty eyes widened at the sight of a man sitting on the soft bed by the window.

“What are you doing here?”

Long Yang placed a book down from his hand and his gaze brushed nonchalantly across her fair, bare calves. His gaze finally fell upon her petite face with her shocked expression, and his lips curved upwards. “You don’t seem to like me being here.”

Lu Liangwei was thinking, ‘Seem? I don’t like it at all.’

She was about to say something when a thought suddenly crossed her mind. She shrieked and quickly retreated behind the folding screen. Her petite face was blushing fiercely red. She was wearing nothing underneath her nightclothes.

As the weather was turning warmer, her nightclothes were also thinner.

At the thought of her walking unaware within his sight, she felt flustered and exasperated. “How could you simply enter my room?”

“You’re my fiancée now. Why can’t I enter your room?”

The man’s voice sounded very near.

Lu Liangwei realized this and looked through the folding screen. As expected, she saw the man’s big and tall figure just on the other side of the screen.

For some reason, her heart starting to beat rapidly and her face began to burn.

She huddled where she stood, wishing she could curl into a ball.

She was angry and regretful.

Could he act so domineering just because he was the Emperor?

They had been seeing each other every day at the imperial family home, and they had even met each other again early this evening. She had thought he would not be here tonight and had never expected him to come again.

Not only that, it was still considered quite early at night. Even if he had planned to come over, was it not too early?

Lu Liangwei bit her red lips, feeling conflicted.

“Have you put on your clothes properly?”

The man’s rich and husky voice startled Lu Liangwei. She immediately replied, “My clothes are in the cupboard. Can you step out for a moment, please?”

Long Yang’s black eyes turned dark hearing what she said. His fingers clenched tighter behind his back as he restrained himself and replied huskily, “Okay.”

Lu Liangwei eventually let her guard down when she heard the footsteps getting further away.

Even though Long Yang liked to barge into her room at night, he was not one to act rashly.

She quickly rushed to her cupboard, took out a dress, and quickly put on her undergarments. She put on her dress last and wrapped herself up tightly. After making sure that she was properly dressed and covered, she removed the towel from her head and nonchalantly rubbed her hair before opening the door to invite Long Yang in.

It was silent outside the door. The surrounding was quiet and Zhu Yu was nowhere to be found. There was no sign of her at all. Night had befallen the entire Dusklight Court.

The man stood in the corridor with his back facing the room. He looked like he was about to become one with the limitless night.

Lu Liangwei took a look at the man’s tall, slender figure and said rather unwillingly, “Your Majesty, you may enter now.”

Long Yang had heard her approaching footsteps earlier. He turned when he heard her voice.

The young girl stood leaning against the door under the yellow lights. She had not managed to tidy up her wet hair in time and her petite face looked tender with a tinge of red in them. He could even smell the light fragrance coming from her at a distance.

Long Yang stroked his fingers and smiled at her. “Are you convenient now?”

Lu Liangwei darted a look at him. Was she allowed to say she was not convenient?

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