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Chapter 273 - You Pretend To Be So Innocent

Chapter 273: You Pretend To Be So Innocent

Chu Qi’s eyes glinted, and he suddenly looked at him contemptuously, saying slowly, “The Crown Prince was drugged.”

Hearing this, Chu Yi was stunned for a long moment before coming back to his senses. “Wow, you little brat, you pretend to be so innocent in front of me, but you’re actually more experienced than I am. You can even recognize that the Crown Prince was drugged. Tell the truth, have you been reading something incredible behind Master’s back and mine?”

“You’re crazy!” Chu Qi ignored his question and said, “Just because you’re blind, don’t think that everyone is the same as you.”

Chu Qi immediately exploded at his words and grabbed his arm. “You brat, is that how you speak to elders?”

Chu Qi pulled his arm away and glanced at him lightly without a word.

As Chu Yi watched the boy leave, he wanted nothing more than to grab him and give him a good beating.

However, although he was younger, he was more skilled in martial arts than him. If he rushed over, he would probably be the one getting beaten.

He was no masochist. Moreover, Chu Qi was still young, so there was nothing to gain from arguing with him.


Was the Crown Prince really drugged?

He had been really beginning to think that the Crown Prince was truly that powerful!

He pursed his lips, suddenly feeling scornful of the Crown Prince.

To be honest, Master had chosen a pretty weak heir apparent. Second Miss Lu also had pretty bad taste, judging from how she was once in love with a person as superficial as the Crown Prince.

What terrible taste!

However, he was more curious about Lu Yunshuang’s actions.

She must have instructed Hong Xiu to send someone to follow him, but what on earth was she trying to do?

Those two men mentioned Hong Xiu, but aside from that, they did not know anything else. No matter how much he tortured them, he could not get any more information.

However, he was not anxious. Lu Yunshuang would give herself away sooner or later.

He did not mind working harder in the future and taking a few more trips to the Eastern Palace (certainly not to observe another show?!).

Having made up his mind, Chu Yi stretched and decided to take a good night’s rest. Tomorrow was Master’s time to shine, and he needed to focus on the battle.

The next day, Heavenly Street arena.

After Chu Yi had defeated yet another candidate, he barely had time to strike a triumphant look before he saw the man entering the arena.

Chu Yi’s expression stiffened, and his legs started trembling. He desperately shot pitiful glances at the man opposite him. ‘Master, please go easy on me…’

Long Yang glanced at him coolly and drew his sword from his waist.

Seeing this, Chu Yi gulped. Without another moment’s hesitation, he lifted his broadsword and dashed toward the man.

That evening.

Lu Liangwei had been staying in the imperial holiday home for three days, but she did not seem angry in the slightest. After treating her last patient calmly, she got up and packed her belongings.

That patient was a servant of the imperial holiday home. There was nothing wrong with his health; he just often complained of a sore back. Since Lu Liangwei had nothing to do, she decided to treat the servants in the holiday home to pass the time.

However, those servants did not think of it that way. In the past two days, Second Miss Lu had treated many people in the holiday home.

Although they only experienced minor problems, their health significantly improved after they had received Second Miss Lu’s diagnosis and taken their medicine.

Everyone privately felt that Second Miss Lu’s medical skills were better than those of the physicians in the city’s renowned medical halls.

After taking the prescription from Lu Liangwei, the servant said gratefully, “Thank you, Second Miss Lu. I won’t forget your kindness.”

“It’s only a small matter.” Lu Liangwei smiled nonchalantly. She was only killing time, after all.

The servant left with a heart full of gratitude.

Seeing this, Zhao Qian immediately stepped forward to help Lu Liangwei tidy up her things on the table.

“Second Miss Lu, the carriage is ready. We’ll be in time if we depart now,” he reminded her politely.

“Mm,” Lu Liangwei responded.

Zhao Qian could not figure out what she was thinking.

Although Master had trapped her here for three days, it was actually for her own good.

After all, considering the Dowager Duchess’s style, no matter how much she loved Second Miss, she would not accept her “losing her chastity” to Master before marriage.

The Dowager Duchess was not like the Grand Duke. She would probably punish Second Miss Lu severely by making her kneel in the ancestral hall or whipping her.

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