Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 274 - Settled The Marriage Negotiation

Chapter 274: Settled The Marriage Negotiation

Master wanted to wait for the dust to settle before letting Second Miss Lu go back.

By then, the marriage arrangements would have been settled, and Second Miss Lu would become Master’s fiancee and the Great Shang Kingdom’s future Empress. No matter how angry the Dowager Duchess was, it would be inappropriate for her to punish Second Miss Lu.

After packing up everything, Lu Liangwei got into the carriage that Zhao Qian had prepared.

The carriage had just entered the city gates when she heard a cacophony of enthusiastic chattering from outside.

“Did you hear about it?”

“About what?”

“About what happened at the Heavenly Street arena, the one set up by the Grand Duke Family. That guy who was the winner for four consecutive days was finally defeated and replaced.”

“I heard about that. That new guy was incredible; he knocked the winner out of the arena in just one move.”

“I was there to see it. That guy is not only highly skilled in martial arts, but he also has distinguished looks and charisma. The Grand Duke Family’s Second Miss Lu sure is lucky to attract men of such caliber through just a groom-recruiting competition. They’re all one-in-a-million husband candidates.”

Lu Liangwei pursed her mouth as she listened to the excited discussions of the people outside.

So Long Yang really showed up at the arena?

And he even knocked Chu Yi out in just one move?

Was that not a bit too fake?

When the carriage arrived at the gates of the Grand Duke Mansion, Zhao Qian’s voice sounded respectfully from the outside, “Second Miss, we’ve arrived.” As he spoke, he lifted the curtains and extended his hand to help Lu Liangwei out.

However, Lu Liangwei sat still and cast him a nonchalant glance. “Butler Zhao, His Majesty defeated Chu Yi in just one move. Is that true?”

Zhao Qian immediately said proudly, “Of course it’s true. In the past, it’s because Master…” He lowered his voice. “It’s because he was poisoned, so he didn’t dare to use his full strength. Someone like Chu Yi is no match for Master. If Master didn’t care about preserving some of his dignity, he could even settle him in half a move.”

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. ‘As if it already didn’t sound fake enough.’

“Are you sure that Chu Yi didn’t go easy on His Majesty?”

The smile on Zhao Qian’s face froze in place.

What did Second Miss Lu say? Go easy?

Did he hear wrong?

“What do you mean, Second Miss Lu?” With another smile on his face, he asked cautiously.

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “Going easy means faking it or not going all out to let the opponent win on purpose. Of course, I don’t think that His Majesty can’t beat Chu Yi, but don’t you think that winning in one move is too much of an exaggeration? Isn’t that suggesting that Chu Yi won by luck for the past four days?”

When Lu Liangwei finished speaking, she had already gotten out of the carriage.

Zhao Qian was stunned.

Was Second Miss Lu implying that Chu Yi faked his defeat and went easy on Master to let him win?

Was that what she meant?

How could Second Miss Lu misunderstand his great and almighty master like that?

Coming back to his senses, he raised his head and was about to explain, but then he saw Lu Liangwei standing motionlessly on the carriage shaft, her gaze fixated in one direction.

He immediately followed her gaze and saw that his great and almighty master had already arrived at some point and was standing on the doorstep of the Grand Duke Mansion. Behind him was a group of officials from the Ministry of Rites, while beside him were the Grand Duke and Lu Tingchen.

They seemed to have finished their discussion and were just coming out of the house.

Seeing this, Zhao Qian secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that Master had already settled the marriage negotiation.

Lu Liangwei did not expect to run into him and this dramatic entourage the moment she came back.

Although she had just seen him in the morning, now that she saw him again, he seemed a little different.

Biting her lip, she glanced at him with her dazzlingly beautiful eyes, then lowered her gaze. She reached out, preparing to get down from the carriage by taking Zhao Qian’s outstretched hand.

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