Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 272 - Who Would Win, Master Or The Crown Prince?

Chapter 272: Who Would Win, Master Or The Crown Prince?

The maidservant had no other choice but to invite him for a seat in the side hall.

It took several calls for Chen Qiyu to finally crawl out from under Long Chi reluctantly.

It was her first time bedding the Crown Prince, and so intensely, too. When she came out, her whole body felt like jelly, and she had to be supported by two maidservants to walk to the side hall.

“Why have you come, Big Bro?” Glancing at the person sitting in his chair, Chen Qiyu asked with a seductive air.

Chen Xuping frowned in disgust, then stood up and said, “Aunt Liu missed you very much and asked me to come to the palace and see you. But it looks like you’re doing fine; Aunt Liu would be relieved.”

Before Chen Qiyu could react, he had already walked past her and left the side hall.

Chen Qiyu just stood there, glued to the spot.

When she came back to her senses, she gritted her teeth so fiercely she almost crushed them.

Her brother had always scorned her, so she had found it strange when she heard that he was here to see her. Now that she heard him mention Aunt Liu, she found it ridiculous.

Why would he come to the palace to see her just because Aunt Liu missed her?

He did not even bother coming up with an excuse.

If she had not known that he was close with Lu Yunshuang, she might have believed his nonsense.

Thanks to his interference, she and the Crown Prince…

Never mind, she was already exhausted from all that intense activity. The Crown Prince had become a bit too powerful after taking the drug, and she really could not handle his ravenousness.

Meanwhile, two shadows flew away silently from the rooftop.

Back in Hidden Dragon Palace, Chu Yi glanced at Chu Qi with a strange expression.

“Did you see that just now?”

“See what?” Chu Qi asked.

Chu Yi stroked his chin with a perverted expression. “I didn’t expect the Crown Prince to be so skillful. Just look at Beauty Chen; she couldn’t even stand properly…”

Chu Qi, “…”

Suddenly realizing what he had said, Chu Yi put an arm around his shoulder sheepishly. “I forgot that you’re still a child; I shouldn’t have said such things in front of you. But you’re a boy, you’re going to have to grow up and face it sooner or later, so it’s okay to listen to it now.”

Chu Qi pushed him away and spat icily, “Get lost!”

“Haha!” Chu Yi did not get angry and laughed instead. “My dear Chu Qi, are you shy?” As he spoke, he leaned closer and examined his expression curiously.

Chu Qi shot him a look as though he were looking at a dead person.

Chu Yi immediately lost interest and pouted. “I was just teasing you, don’t take it so seriously!” His expression then turned grave. “Those two were sent by the Crown Princess’s maidservant to follow me. What does she want to do? Was this the Crown Princess’s orders?”

After the two assassins had divulged the truth, he went to the Eastern Palace with Chu Qi, only to see Hong Xiu bringing Chen Xuping to Chen Qiyu’s courtyard.

Naturally, he came to know the dirty stuff that happened between the Crown Prince and Chen Qiyu.

He was actually a little surprised. He did not expect that gentleman of a Crown Prince to be such a beast.

He had watched the scene unfold from the roof together with Chu Qi for quite a while.

Of course, Chu Qi did not bother watching such things. It was always him doing the watching, but it would be more accurate to say that he was observing.

It was not easy for him to encounter such a moment, so he definitely had to take the opportunity to learn. After all, he was going to get a wife in the future. If he did not know anything, would his future wife not laugh at him?

Of course, this was not the point. Why did Hong Xiu send someone to follow him? Was it Lu Yunshuang’s orders? What was her intention for doing this?

Chu Qi remained silent.

Chu Yi had not expected him to answer anyway, and he continued speaking, “Although we still don’t know what Lu Yunshuang wants, we witnessed a good show in the Eastern Palace today.” His eyes darted around, and he said a little flippantly, “Second Miss Lu used to adore the Crown Prince a lot. Do you think that Master can beat the Crown Prince in terms of bedroom skills? The Crown Prince seemed very powerful just now…”

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