Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 271 - For Fear Of Defiling His Ears

Chapter 271: For Fear Of Defiling His Ears

Lu Yunshuang’s expression darkened. She had been too angry at the time to think about the matter properly.

Now that she had a deeper look at it, there were indeed many suspicious aspects.

Despite that, she had given up Long Chi to Chen Qiyu just like that.

Thinking of this, she was so furious she almost coughed up blood.

As Hong Xiu looked at her face filled with regret and hatred, she was a little speechless.

What was the use of regretting now? What was she doing earlier?

However, she could never say these words, or else the Crown Princess would tear her apart on the spot.

Suppressing the stinging pain on her face, Hong Xiu cursed, “I didn’t expect that Beauty Chen would resort to such filthy means.”

Lu Yunshuang was a little agitated. “This won’t do, I have to go and ask the Prince to come back. I can’t let Beauty Chen…”

Although Lu Yunshuang did not finish her sentence, Hong Xiu knew what she meant.

She thought for a while, then suggested, “I’m afraid that it’d be inappropriate if you showed up now. Why don’t we invite Heir Presumptive Chen over and have him lie about wanting to visit Beauty Chen? I don’t believe that she would dare not come out if her brother shows up at her doorstep.”

Lu Yunshuang paused for a moment, then waved her hand. “So be it.”

However, they had obviously underestimated Chen Qiyu. She was thoroughly enjoying her passionate time with Long Chi. Even when Chen Xuping, who had intimidated her for a long time, arrived, she could not bear to get up.

Chen Xuping followed Hong Xiu straight to Chen Qiyu’s quarters.

The moment they stepped into the courtyard, they heard an unbearable cacophony of voices.

Although Hong Xiu had already prepared herself, she could not help blushing at the obscene sounds.

That slut Chen Qiyu!

Chen Xuping was clueless about the situation. Lu Yunshuang had ordered someone to invite him into the palace secretly without any explanation.

Hearing the sounds coming out from the room, he immediately realized what was going on.

He could not help feeling a wave of pity and guilt for Lu Yunshuang in his heart.

He did not expect Long Chi to treasure her so little that he would even find another woman…

That slut Chen Qiyu was just like her birth mother. They were both foxy women who only knew how to serve people with their bodies.

Chen Xuping had always scorned Chen Qiyu. If Lu Yunshuang had not asked him to come and visit her, he would not want to see her at all.

The current situation made him even more contemptuous of Chen Qiyu and sympathetic toward Lu Yunshuang.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw Chen Qiyu’s personal maidservant standing there on guard.

When the maidservant saw him, her expression changed, and she hurriedly greeted him.

“Why—why are you here, my Lord?”

“My sister has married into the Eastern Palace quite some time ago. I’m here to see her,” Chen Xuping said calmly, as though he did not hear the indecent sounds coming from the room.

The maidservant’s face flushed, and she did not dare to look at him.

The Heir Presumptive was already scornful of her mistress. If he saw her bedding the Crown Prince, he would feel even more disgusted by her.

She glanced at Hong Xiu and said embarrassedly, “Miss, Miss is busy in her room…”

Hong Xiu smiled and said to her, “Heir Presumptive Chen is here to see Beauty Chen. I’ve already brought him here; you should serve him properly. I still have work to do for the Crown Princess, so I’ll go back first.”

The maidservant nodded hurriedly. “Go ahead, Hong Xiu.”

Hong Xiu gave Chen Xuping another glance before leaving.

The maidservant looked at Chen Xuping and said hesitantly, “Do you want to sit inside for a while, my Lord? Miss should be… almost done.”

When she said this, she was actually politely asking him to leave. She believed that the Heir Presumptive would not want to stay any longer for fear of defiling his ears.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xuping did not show any desire to leave and said instead, “It’s been some time since I’ve seen my sister. Since I’ve already come, I should talk to her for a while. If it’s convenient for you, could you go and inform Beauty Chen?”

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