Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 270 - A Hint Of Resentment

Chapter 270: A Hint Of Resentment

Hong Xiu was aghast.

It was not the first time the Crown Princess had hit her.

It happened the last time too.

She had been serving the Crown Princess by her side since young, so she naturally understood how short-tempered and irritable she was.

Every time she got angry, her servants would be the ones to suffer.

In the past, Hong Xiu could still watch her abusing other maidservants with cold indifference as long as it did not happen to her.

However, her feelings were different now that she had become the Princess’s punching bag.

She had exhausted herself running all over the place for the Crown Princess, yet the Princess still scolded and beat her as she pleased when she was upset. Thinking of this, she felt a stab of resentment in her heart.

Soft words were not enough to soothe her wounds every time she got beaten.

The Crown Princess was really too much!

Lu Yunshuang saw her hanging her head wordlessly, and a sneer appeared on her lips.

Who did this lowly maid think she was to ignore her?

However, she was well aware that if she wanted someone to work for her willingly, she needed to win over that person’s heart first.

Just like Chen Xuping.

Such matters were like a piece of cake for her.

Her eyes reddened quickly, and she choked up, “Hong Xiu, I’m just feeling so sad. I’m sorry for hurting you just now…”

When she saw this, Hong Xiu’s expression was somewhat indifferent.

It was not her first time meeting the Crown Princess. In fact, she waited on her every day, so she was very familiar with all her tricks and schemes.

However, when she saw her acting like this, the bitterness in her heart dissipated a little.

The Crown Princess was her mistress, after all. She had no other choice in this life except to follow her and serve her.

Therefore, she could only be well if the Crown Princess were well.

Thinking of this, she forced herself to lighten up and held her arm, saying comfortingly, “Did something happen between Your Highness and the Crown Prince that made you upset?”

Lu Yunshuang nodded and immediately told her what had happened in the afternoon.

Hong Xiu frowned upon hearing her words.

Was the Crown Princess not being a little too stupid?

Did she really think that the Crown Prince could not live without her and loved her dyingly?

She should take a good look at the current state of affairs instead of acting so impulsively.

The Crown Prince was already lying in bed with another woman, yet she still had the audacity to assume that he would not bear to see her sad and would abandon the other woman to go after her.

How foolish!

The current situation was different from before. Today, the Eastern Palace was no longer dominated by the Crown Princess, and none of the newly introduced beauties should be taken lightly.

They were all daughters of concubines, but they all managed to grow up in their respective homes. There was no way they could have succeeded in that without some level of scheming.

They were not like the daughters of principal wives who were doted on since birth. The fact that they could firmly secure their positions in their family meant that they were no simple-minded people.

Especially that woman Chen Qiyu.

She had managed to bed the Crown Prince even in the presence of the Crown Princess, which was not something that an ordinary person could do.

Moreover, the Crown Prince was usually very disciplined. Since the wedding, he rarely slept with the Crown Princess during the daytime. So how come he was fooling around with Chen Qiyu in broad daylight now?

Countless doubts filled her heart.

“Your Highness, please calm down first. I think that there’s something fishy about the matter. I’m afraid that it’s not that simple.”

Lu Yunshuang wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, an idea suddenly coming to her. “Are you saying that that tramp Chen Qiyu drugged the Prince?”

She came to that conclusion because she had also drugged Long Chi’s medicine many times.

Hong Xiu nodded. “It’s very likely.”

Lu Yunshuang had already calmed down. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that things were not as simple as they appeared to be.

Now that she gave it more thought, something indeed seemed to be wrong with Long Chi at that time.

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