Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 269 - Her Feral Gaze

Chapter 269: Her Feral Gaze

The man who had wet himself in fear was obviously not as stubborn as the other man. When he saw the other man’s tragic state, his last sliver of resolve vanished.

“I, I’ll talk…”

Hong Xiu waited for a long time, but the assassins she had sent had not yet returned. Sensing that something was wrong, she hurried back to the Eastern Palace.

Although the two who had been sent on that mission were not the best assassins in the house, they were good trackers, so their skills were naturally up to par.

These two had never slipped up before, so why were they not back yet this time?

However, she was not too worried. The assassins in the house had all undergone strict training. Moreover, when they went on missions, they would hide poison between their teeth in case they faced an emergency. If they were unfortunate enough to get caught, they would bite down on the poison and kill themselves.

Furthermore, Chen Xuping had already transferred all the assassins of Drunk Fragrance Pavilion without leaving any trace behind. Even if those two blundered, she was not afraid that there would be evidence pointing toward her.

As Hong Xiu thought of this, her beating heart gradually calmed down.

Even if those two were discovered and fell into the enemy’s hands, she was not worried that they would expose her.

Once she returned to the Eastern Palace, she dashed straight to the Crown Princess’s sleeping quarters.

When the maidservant guarding at the door saw her come back, her expression became a little odd, and she seemed like she wanted to say something.

Hong Xiu glanced at her, but she was too concerned about other things to ask her what was wrong.

The moment she stepped into the bedroom, she was greeted by Lu Yunshuang’s feral gaze.

Hong Xiu’s heart sank. Bracing herself, she stepped forward. “Your Highness…”

Had the Crown Princess already heard about her messing up her task?

She forced herself to remain calm and was about to explain it when she heard Lu Yunshuang say viciously through gritted teeth, “Isn’t there a shortage of beautiful women in the brothel? Hurry up and find a way to get Beauty Chen in there; I don’t want to see her for even another second.”

Hong Xiu was startled. What was the matter with the Crown Princess? What exactly happened?

Beauty Chen was not a common palace maid. There was no way she could be driven away with a simple excuse without triggering an investigation.

Although Beauty Chen was the daughter of Duke Chen’s concubine, her mother was a cunning person. Therefore, Beauty Chen was still quite favored in the Duke Chen Mansion.

If she were to disappear all of a sudden, how would her absence not arouse any suspicion?

Hong Xiu deliberated over the matter for a while, then said, “Your Highness, although Beauty Chen is annoying, she’s still the Crown Prince’s concubine. She’s not like those palace maids without power or status. If we drive her away so suddenly, I’m afraid that it’d cause unnecessary trouble.”

Lu Yunshuang was already seething inside, and when she heard Hong Xiu’s words, she immediately raised her hand and gave her a hard slap in the face.


The force knocked Hong Xiu’s face to one side, and blood even started trickling from the corner of her mouth.

Hong Xiu’s mind went blank.

“You think I don’t know that? Do I need you to lecture me?” Lu Yunshuang glared daggers at her. Apparently, a single slap was not enough to vent her anger.

If she had not remembered that Hong Xiu was still somewhat capable of doing work, she would definitely unleash all her wrath on her.

This damned maidservant!

Did she think that she could be the boss just because she was a bit nicer to her?

This lowly maidservant had better learn her place!

Ignoring the pain on her face, Hong Xiu fell to her knees in shock and fear. “Please cease your anger, Your Highness. I didn’t mean that at all.”

“That better be true.” Lu Yunshuang stretched her fingers. She had used too much force just now, and her fingertips hurt a little. “Do you know what to do now?”

Hong Xiu lowered her head. “Yes. I’ll find an opportunity to get rid of Beauty Chen.”

Only then did the anger in Lu Yunshuang’s heart fade a little. She reached out and helped Hong Xiu up, then touched her swollen face and asked softly, “Does it hurt?”

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