Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 268 - The Most Heart-Crushing

Chapter 268: The Most Heart-Crushing

Chu Yi’s voice resonated within the eerie interrogation room, startling the two men to the point of cowering in fear.

They were not afraid of death. However, not knowing the horrors that awaited them was the most heart-crushing feeling.

The pain in their mouths gave them a glaring reminder that the man who was talking in front of them was not the terrifying one, but rather the fellow sitting on the interrogation bench…

Recalling what just happened, a cold shiver ran down their spines simultaneously when they thought about the person’s smooth and clean technique.

Earlier, they were about to kill themselves by biting the poison hidden in their mouth. However, the moment their mouths made the slightest of movements, the dagger in the guy’s hand was already searching the insides of their mouths, whittling their teeth away before they could even react.

It was impossibly nimble and cruel.

“Wh—what do you want to know?” One of them could not take it anymore and began to speak.

His mouth was a red mess, blood streaming out of his mouth in a grisly scene the moment he spoke.

“Why did you follow me, and who sent you?” As though Chu Yi was unaware of the miserable state of the pair, he casually blew at his long nails, thinking he should cut them later.

“Nobody sent us, we were just curious. To be honest, you’ve caught our attention ever since the Grand Duke Family set up the arena. You’re so impressive. It’s already been four days, yet nobody could beat you and replace you as the winner.

“But the title of the adopted son-in-law of the Grand Duke Family is just too attractive. Some people are still willing to challenge to become the winner even if they have no chance of winning. More and more people are joining as well. We’re just like them—we want to be the Grand Duke Family’s adopted son-in-law. As they say, if you know the enemy you will know yourself, and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. So we planned to follow you to find out your weakness.”

The other man seized the chance to speak first, gushing words filled with honesty and sincerity.

Chu Yi felt rather smug after hearing the stream of compliments.

He nodded and replied in an apologetic tone, “Brother, you are right. I am undefeatable—it has been four days and still no one has been a match for me. I’m feeling lonely.”

Chu Qi glanced at him for a moment then lowered his head, continuing to toy with his dagger. Chu Yi’s power and prestige would only last until today. Once Master made his appearance tomorrow. Chu Yi would suffer without a doubt!

The man was being choked mercilessly while being tied to the frame.

Damn it, he had never met such a shameless person despite all his years muddling through the martial world.

He was muttering angry complaints in his heart, but the look of fawning admiration on his face became even more pronounced.

“Ooh yes, my hero, you are so powerful. I’ve never met such an expert like you in all my years of experience in the martial world.”

Chu Yi’s face was impassive, and then he squinted at the man. “Are you mocking me?”

The man: “…”

The man’s silence made Chu Yi even more annoyed, was it not obvious how blatantly fake his flattery was?

He patted the man on the head with the thick hilt of the broadsword. “Are you tired of living, you little brat? How dare you make fun of your grandpapa Chu Yi? Tell me who’s pulling the strings, or I’ll cut off your testicles and turn you both into eunuchs.”

Right after he finished, the broadsword he was gripping slashed its way down. The man let out a loud screech.

The other man was so scared when he saw this that he peed his pants on the spot.

Chu Qi, who was sitting on the interrogation bench, frowned and left without a word when the putrid, foul smell began to spread.

Chu Yi would like to leave too, but his questions were still unanswered. If he left now and gave them the chance to collect themselves, it would be harder to pry their mouths open the next time.

Chu Yi covered his nose with a handkerchief and, ignoring the man he had taken out, he turned toward the man who wetted himself and said, “You had better be honest with me if you don’t want to end up like him.”

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