Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 267 - The Ice-Cold Sensation Gliding Across Their Faces

Chapter 267: The Ice-Cold Sensation Gliding Across Their Faces

Chu Yi flew quite fast despite carrying the two men.

It did not take him very long to return to the Palace.

He immediately tossed both men into the interrogation room.

As expected, Chu Qi was there.

He did not show any surprise when he saw Chu Yi bringing two men with him.

“Chu Qi, I’ve caught two people for you to play with. Take it easy, don’t damage them,” Chu Yi reminded after flinging his captives onto the floor.

Chu Qi picked up a dagger as thin as the wings of a silkworm moth.

Under the light of the torches, a cold, bone-chilling gleam reflected off the dagger’s surface.

He walked toward the two men and crouched down in front of them.

The ice-cold dagger played across both the men’s faces. No one was sure if Chu Qi was speaking to Chu Yi or himself. “Their faces are very suitable for making human-skin masks.”

Chu Yi stood there, hefting his broadsword on one shoulder, and nodded in agreement. “I think they’re suitable too. You’ll have to be a bit more dexterous so you don’t rip anything. It’ll be best if you can flay the skin off their faces in one complete piece. That way, the human-skin masks you make will be perfect.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand in a gesture of generosity. “I’d initially wanted to present these two to Zhao Qian, but since you’re interested, I’ll let you have them to practice on.”

Chu Qi shot him a look but said nothing. However, his dagger continued gliding lightly over the faces of both men as if he were trying to decide where he should begin the skin-flaying process.

The two men had already been frightened out of their wits by the conversation between Chu Yi and Chu Qi.

Right now, the ice-cold sensation gliding over their faces was making their blood run cold.

Where did this child come from, and how did he manage to be so utterly frightening?

Upon close inspection, one could still see signs of dried blood on the interrogation tools that filled the room.

Both men had seen a great deal of the world, yet they had been scared witless to the point where their faces were ghastly pale.

“What… What on earth are you planning to do?” One of them involuntarily blurted out.

When Chu Yi heard this, he seemed slightly vexed that he had not tapped on their pressure points. However, his expression quickly altered to that of a smiling face. “Haven’t you already figured out what we’re planning to do?”

The two men felt a chill in their hearts. Suddenly their eyes met. They were about to bite down on deadly poison concealed in their teeth when a cold gleam flashed in front of their eyes.


Both of them cried out in pain as bright red blood spilled out of their mouths.

Two small black poison pills spilled out with the blood as well.

Chu Qi did not even spare a glance at the pills, merely wiped his bloody dagger on the two mens’ clothes.

He was very meticulous in his cleaning and only stopped once there was no trace of blood on the blade.

Chu Yi had already crouched down and was staring at the poison pills blankly.

“They actually had deadly poison hidden in their teeth?” He sounded astonished.

Chu Qi shot him a glance and stood up, too lazy to reply.

“They were trying to commit suicide with poison?” Chu Yi’s tone still sounded inexplicably surprised.

Chu Qi, “…”

Chu Yi suddenly stood up and looked at Chu Qi seriously. “These two were trying to follow me. What do you think their intentions were?”

This time, Chu Qi did not even bother to spare Chu Yi so much as a glance.

Chu Yi rubbed his chin and began carefully thinking things over.

“Could they have been unhappy with me because I was the winner for the last few days in a row?”

Chu Qi regarded Chu Yi as too much of a chatterbox and threw him an annoyed glare. “Rather than asking me, you’d be better off interrogating them instead.”

Chu Yi slapped himself on the head. “That’s right. You’ve just reminded me.”

With that, he hauled up both the men, who were convulsing on the ground in pain, and tied them both to a wooden frame off to one side.

Chu Qi sat on an interrogation bench and toyed with his dagger.

“This room is full of interrogation tools—you’ve seen that for yourselves, so you’d better answer whatever we decide to ask you. If not, things won’t be as simple as merely slicing off your teeth.”

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