Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 266 - You Are Immensely Suited To Becoming Eunuchs

Chapter 266: You Are Immensely Suited To Becoming Eunuchs

Beauty Chen was the first to be bedded among all the newly-inducted beauties. From today onward, the Eastern Palace would probably be much more lively.

As the maidservant was pondering this, she could hear the moans from the room behind her getting increasingly louder.

Beauty Chen’s cries had obvious pleasure mingled in with the pain.

The maidservant stole a glance at Lu Yunshuang’s face.

When she saw Lu Yunshuang’s ghastly expression, she did not dare say anything at all.

Lu Yunshuang was seething with so much fury that her nails had punctured the flesh of her palms, yet even that could not placate the suffocating rage within her.

She had actually thought Long Chi would not be able to bear seeing her looking so wronged and would come in pursuit of her.

No one had slapped her in the face, but right now she felt a searing pain on her cheek.

The sounds from the room caused her to experience bitter regret, but it was too late.

Why had she not cajoled Long Chi to leave the room?

Lu Yunshuang felt both deep regret and hatred. She wanted to barge into the room, drag Chen Qiyu out and give her a good beating, but in the end, she managed to restrain herself and pull herself together.

She would make Chen Qiyu regret the humiliation that she had brought upon Lu Yunshuang today!

“We’re leaving now!” Lu Yunshuang spat the words out viciously, then turned and left with a flick of her sleeves.

The maidservant felt somewhat alarmed. She had clearly seen the cruel, vicious look on the Crown Princess’ face just now.

Beauty Chen would likely be in dire straits soon!

The maidservant shivered in fear.

Today, it was no surprise that once again, Chu Yi was the winner.

He already had been the winner for four consecutive days. Amidst cheers from the spectators, he ignored Steward Wang—who was eagerly watching him from the sidelines— and resolutely hopped down from the arena stage.

What a joke—he had won on behalf of his master. It did not matter how impressive he was; once his master appeared tomorrow, he would be sent off the arena stage crestfallen, just like all the other contestants he had beaten.

He shook his head and headed toward the Palace.

As he passed by a narrow alley, his gaze flickered. Abruptly he leaped up onto the roof of one of the houses beside the way.

It was not long before he spotted two men appearing below. Both were dressed in form-fitting garments.

The two men looked at the long, narrow alley and glanced at each other.

“How come he’s disappeared?”

“I definitely saw him coming through on this side,” the other person muttered as well.

“I’m sure he’s not gone that far. Let’s try catching up with him.” After their conversation, both men were about to run ahead when a dark shadow suddenly landed in front of them, blocking their way.

“Are you looking for me?” Chu Yi shouldered his broadsword, curiously watching the pair.

The two men were stunned when someone abruptly appeared in front of them just like that.

“We don’t even know you. Why would we be looking for you?” One of the men reacted swiftly, trying to gain the upper hand.

“So you’re not actually looking for me then?” Chu Yi sized them up, his tone regretful.

“You’re crazy!” Since both men harbored an ulterior motive, they were suddenly pricked by their guilty conscience as they were being sized up by Chu Yi. They cursed at him in annoyance, preparing to walk past him and leave.

However, they had only taken a single step when they realized their bodies could no longer move.

They stared at Chu Yi, appalled.

Chu Yi drew back his fingers, smiling beatifically. He looked at them both in mock astonishment. “How did you know?”

Fear appeared in the eyes of both men.

This man was highly skilled in martial arts. They were no match for him at all.

He had tapped their pressure points without them even being aware of it.

Chu Yi did not seem to notice the fear in the mens’ eyes and began musing to himself, “That rascal, Zhao Qian, has been looking to introduce new people into the Palace. Both of you are young and smooth-skinned—you’re immensely suited to becoming eunuchs. It just so happens I can take you to the Palace right now to be castrated.” As he said this, he hauled both men up, one in each hand, and leaped onto the roof.

Both men could no longer conceal the terror in their eyes.

Chu Yi’s words had been extremely blunt; they could not misunderstand his meaning even if they wished.

This… This man was actually from the Palace?!

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