Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 265 - This Was Just Far Too Shocking and Utterly Shameful

Chapter 265: This Was Just Far Too Shocking and Utterly Shameful

Chen Qiyu’s face changed color—first green with shock, then red with embarrassment.

It was honestly impossible to stare outright at the scene in the room right now.

The imperial physician quickly retreated from the room in great embarrassment.

He wondered how he could have been so unfortunate—why had he encountered a scenario like this, of all things?

To witness the Crown Prince and his concubine… This was just far too shocking and utterly shameful.

In the midst of the imperial physician’s considerable trepidation, Lu Yunshuang finally found the capacity to react.

In her heart, she ranted and raged. She wanted to slice that shameless Chen Qiyu into a million pieces with a sword, but she restrained herself in the end.

Her gaze turned toward Long Chi, lying on the bed, and sparkling tears glimmered in her eyes. The look on her face was that of someone who had been wronged beyond measure.

“Your servant regrets that her impulsiveness has interrupted the Crown Prince’s recreation.” She gritted her teeth and forced down her fury and hatred, her tone full of sorrow and grievance.

With that, she turned and left without waiting for Long Chi to speak.

She had just witnessed him bedding another woman. Now that she had suffered such an upset, he would be sure to come after her.

Lu Yunshuang quickened her steps as she thought about this.

However, her hopes were destined to be dashed.

In the room, Long Chi had not heard anything that Lu Yunshuang had said. A part of his consciousness seemed to be controlled by some particular emotion, and he had even failed to notice that someone had barged in.

He suddenly flipped over and pushed Chen Qiyu down under him.

Chen Qiyu had initially thought that her plan today was ruined after Lu Yunshuang had suddenly barged in like that. She was preparing to withdraw and leave, but before she could even do so, a domineering wave of strength suddenly pushed her down onto the bed…

Chen Qiyu was stunned for a moment, but when she realized what had just happened, she was instantly wildly delighted.

“Crown Prince, please allow your servant to service you…”

Long Chi stared at the woman before him, his eyes glazed.

That bewitching face, for some reason, had merged with another ravishing face capable of launching a thousand ships.

As he lifted a hand to caress Chen Qiyu’s cheek, the disdainful look in that other young girl’s eyes flashed through his befuddled mind.

His eyes narrowed, and he suddenly pulled Chen Qiyu’s waist tight against him.


Chen Qiyu screamed.

Lu Yunshuang, who had not yet gone very far, very quickly heard that discordant sound.

She stopped in her tracks and abruptly turned to look at the room door that had been shut once again.

That voice coming from within was like a vicious slap to her face.

Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Long Chi had not pursued her; he actually had not come running after her…

Lu Yunshuang’s nails dug viciously into her palms; one by one they broke off.

Chen. Qi. Yu!

When Lu Yunshuan’s maidservant saw that her mistress was on the verge of exploding with fury, she was so frightened that she kept her head down and did not dare utter a single word.

Even though she was afraid, she could not help silently muttering in her heart. She could not understand why the Crown Princess did not coax the Crown Prince away after managing to find an excuse to barge into the room. Instead, she had allowed him to continue bedding Beauty Chen.

As the Crown Princess, Lu Yunshuang could have pronounced sentence on Beauty Chen by finding her guilty of immoral conduct in the daytime and then taken the Crown Prince away. Beauty Chen would not have dared to say a thing.

However, the Crown Princess seemed to have forgotten something so simple and had just left like that instead.

The maidservant had no idea what the Crown Princess was thinking.

The Crown Princess had just seen Beauty Chen lying completely naked on top of the Crown Prince. Furthermore, Beauty Chen was uncommonly beautiful and considerably more seductive than most other women. Men would find it difficult to rein themselves in when faced with a woman like her.

The Crown Prince was at an age when he was both young and full of vigor. How could he remain indifferent when a beauty like Chen Qiyu was so blatantly throwing herself at him?

The maidservant could not help wondering why the usually intelligent Crown Princess had behaved in such a muddle-headed manner.

The Crown Princess had, in fact, just served the Crown Prince to Beauty Chen on a silver platter.

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