Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 264 - No Time To Even See To Herself

Chapter 264: No Time To Even See To Herself

At this moment, the sound of footsteps was heard.

Delight surged through Lu Yunshuang; she thought Long Chi was coming after her. She could not help wanting to turn back for a look, but she reminded herself to show restraint—this would portray her in a praiseworthy light.

Despite this, she still slowed her pace down.

However, Long Chi did not come running after her as she had initially expected. She could hear the sound of the footsteps moving further off as if they were headed another way.

Lu Yunshuang’s expression changed. She immediately turned to look back, only to see Long Chi carrying Chen Qiyu in his arms, walking rapidly in another direction.

Lu Yunshuang’s face instantly lost color. The initial confidence and certainty in her expression had just been shattered by what she had witnessed in front of her very own eyes.

Long Chi and Chen Qiyu were headed in the direction of Chen Qiyu’s courtyard.

What were they going there for?

As she watched Long Chi’s hurried steps taking him further and further away, something occurred to Lu Yunshuang, which made her grind her teeth. Her face turned pale, and she swayed briefly, almost falling over. Luckily, her maidservant was by her side and managed to catch hold of her in time.

“Crown Princess, are you alright?”

The maidservant’s quavering voice pulled Lu Yunshuang back to reality.

Long Chi and Chen Qiyu?

No, that was not possible…

It was true that Chen Qiyu was fairly good-looking, but that woman looked too seductive, much like the substandard trashy women one saw in brothels. How could Long Chi possibly find her attractive?

Lu Yunshuang felt as if she were going mad.

What on earth happened just now? Why did Long Chi leave with Chen Qiyu in his arms?

She bit her lip, and her fingers clenched hard on the maidservant who was supporting her.

The maidservant was in pain from being clutched so tightly, but she did not dare utter a word.

In a mere moment, the expression on Lu Yunshuang’s face changed to one of concern. “Could Beauty Chen be sick? We should head over to take a look.”

The maidservant’s gaze flickered slightly, and she replied hurriedly, “Yes, your humble servant noticed that Beauty Chen seemed a little off-color. It would be bad if she fell sick. Shall I ask one of the imperial physicians to come over, then?”

These words recalled Lu Yunshuang’s attention. She glanced at the maidservant, and a satisfied look flashed across her face. “You’re absolutely right. If Beauty Chen has fallen sick, that would not be good. Yes, it would be best to have an imperial physician come over so they can go with me to check on her.”

The maidservant quickly had someone summon an imperial physician.

By now, Lu Yunshuang had finally calmed down somewhat. She held onto the maidservant’s hand for support, and they slowly made their way toward Beauty Chen’s courtyard.

Lu Yunshuang did not seem anxious outwardly, but in her heart, she was already frantic, silently cursing at the imperial physician for being so slow to arrive.

Just the thought of Long Chi being with another woman made her so furious she wanted to murder someone.

Chen Qiyu had the nerve to publicly seduce the Crown Prince right in front of her—just wait, Lu Yunshuang would never forgive her for that.

Lu Yunshuang dug her nails dug viciously into the maidservant’s flesh; it hurt so much the girl’s face went white from the pain.

The imperial physician arrived not long later. Lu Yunshuang’s face bore a gentle expression as she said, “Beauty Chen has fallen ill. Please come with me to check on her.”

The imperial physician had been dragged all the way here by one of the palace servants from the Eastern Palace. He was sweating profusely from having run the entire way and had no chance to even catch his breath before he had to follow Lu Yunshuang and hurry to Chen Qiyu’s courtyard.

In the room, Chen Qiyu had dexterously divested Long Chi of his robes. Just as they were about to get into the heat of things, the panicked voice of a palace maid could be heard from outside the door.

“Crown Princess, you can’t go in…”

“Presumptuous girl! The Crown Princess has expressed her concern for Beauty Chen by bringing an imperial physician to examine her condition. How dare you stop her?”


The palace maid received a slap to the face, and she was so frightened she forgot to bar the way into the room.

The tightly closed room door was instantly pushed open.

The maidservant, who was the first to rush in, immediately lowered her head and retreated off to the side when she saw what was going on in the room.

Lu Yunshuang did not seem to be aware of what was happening inside and led the imperial physician into the room.

“Lil Sis Qiyu, I noticed that you weren’t looking very well in the garden earlier. It would be terrible if you fell ill, so I’ve brought an imperial physician here. You…”

Her voice cut off abruptly as she stared at the scene on the bed in utter shock, unable to react at all.

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