Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 263 - Who Were You Trying to Seduce

Chapter 263: Who Were You Trying to Seduce

The music of the zither glided gracefully through the garden. The melody sounded like a young girl in love, pouring her heart out to the man she loved.

This was the scene in the pavilion that stood out like a sore thumb in Lu Yunshuang’s eyes as soon as she stepped into the garden.

Chen Qiyu was playing the zither, looking seductively at the man seated in front of her.

The enticing look in her eyes looked like it was about to overflow.

Lu Yunshuang was seething with rage when she saw this.

Chen Qiyu, so daring and shameless doing such a thing under broad daylight. Who were you trying to seduce?

She sneered coldly as she strode toward the pavilion.

Chen Qiyu spotted the person walking toward her, suddenly her fingers plucked and there was a snapping sound. The zither’s string broke.

“Crown Prince, my hand hurts…” She showed the finger that had been cut by the broken string, giving a pitiful look at the man seated opposite her.

Long Chi was enjoying his tea and paying no heed when he was startled by the pretty hand that appeared before him.

He was about to wave Chen Qiyu’s hand away when the brazen woman took the chance to hold on to his hand, stood up, went around the table, and fell into his arms.

A look of disgust flashed across Long Chi’s eyes. He was about to push her away when he heard Lu Yunshuang’s voice.

“Crown Prince, you’re here. I was looking around for you.”

Long Chi’s action paused when he heard her. Chen Qiyu took the chance to hug him around the waist. “Crown Prince, I feel so cold. Please carry me back.”

She snuggled into his arms forcefully as she said this.

Lu Yunshuang scowled in anger.

It was close to mid-May right now, how could the weather be cold?

This damned Chen Qiyu was getting more impudent.

She controlled herself from wanting to rush forward and slap Chen Qiyu and put on a pitiful look on her face.

“If the Crown Prince is busy, I will head back first.” With that, she gave him a curtsy and turned away from the pavilion to walk away.

She was confident that Long Chi would come running after her.

He could never stand to see her sad.

Chen Qiyu’s petty tricks would fail to work.


Back in the pavilion, Long Chi saw how upset Lu Yunshuang was and wanted to push Chen Qiyu away and give chase, but he realized that he could not move.

His handsome face turned red with anger. He lowered his head to look with obvious disgust in his eyes.

“Chen Qiyu, how dare you!”

Chen Qiyu blinked at him as she pleaded seductively, “Please forgive me, Crown Prince. I did not do it on purpose.”

Long Chi ignored her seductive action. He grabbed her wrist strongly, almost breaking her wrist bones.

Chen Qiyu, however, had decided to go all out. She did not let go and instead, hugged him tighter.

“I have always admired the Crown Prince back home. It’s a huge blessing for me to be your concubine. I beg the Crown Prince to be gentle with me. I’m willing to serve you my entire life…” She snuggled further into his arms.

Long Chi had wanted to push her away but for some reason, he felt a sudden fervor form within him.

He looked at the seductress and another face seemed to appear before him.

His eyes narrowed slightly and he suddenly carried her in his arms.

Lu Yunshuang was waiting for Long Chi but he seemed to be taking a while to catch up to her. She clenched her handkerchief and consoled herself that Long Chi would sure catch up soon. He liked her a lot, how could he bear to see her upset?

Who did Chen Qiyu think she was? Even if she used underhanded tactics, Long Chi would continue to ignore her.

Long Chi had not touched any of the beauties who had suddenly filled up the Eastern Palace, had he? He did not even glance at them.

At the thought of this, Lu Yunshuang slowly relaxed her clenched fingers.

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