Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 262 - Do Not Doubt My Words

Chapter 262: Do Not Doubt My Words

Seeing the quiet look on her face, Long Yang could not help remembering how she had acted so childishly coy when she was with Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen. She looked so relaxed and happy.

When it came to facing him, she was silent most of the time, behaving maturely and not at all like how she was supposed to act at her age.

He wanted her to feel carefree and relaxed with him, just like how she was with her father and older brother.

The look in his eyes dimmed and he suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He noticed her body stiffened and he patted her gently on the back with his large hands. “Lu Liangwei, you are the only woman I want to marry in this life. There is no need to feel like there are any misgivings. I would never sentence you to any guilt even if you’ve made a mistake. You can be assured of that.”

Lu Liangwei was stunned.

The only woman he wanted to marry?

She pursed her lips.

If only Long Yang did not say such a thing. The moment he told her that, she instantly felt pressured, as if a mountain was pressing on her. It felt heavy.

‘The only woman the Emperor wanted to marry’ was quite a shocking statement.

She lifted her face to look at him while in his arms, staring silently at him.

Long Yang’s gaze fell upon her small mouth, which looked rosy red and pinkishly tender. He lowered his head slightly, and in the end, only kissed her gently on the forehead after much self-restraint.

“Do not doubt my words,” Long Yang released her, and this time, he did not hold her hand.

Lu Liangwei looked at the man walking in front of her. She lifted her hand to touch the wet spot on her forehead.

There was a strange fluster within her.

She did not hate his kiss, it was just that she was not used to it.

She lowered her head, feeling a little dispirited.

Eastern Palace.

Lu Yunshuang smashed another glass.

“Didn’t they call themselves top assassins? Why can’t they even take down a nobody? Useless rubbish!”

Hong Xiu, who was standing at the side, was so scared that she dared not even breathe.

The few assassins they had sent to fight in the arena this time had returned in defeat.

Those assassins were personally picked by her and were the best in the house of assassins. No one had expected that they would be defeated by a nobody without any name or reputation.

As for that nobody who had popped from nowhere, he had been the winner for the past few days.

Tomorrow was the last day. If that man remained undefeated, the Crown Princess’ plans would be ruined.

Hong Xiu understood the Crown Princess’ feelings. However, it was an unexpected situation and there was not much that they could do about it.

“Did you manage to find out that man’s background?” Lu Yunshuang asked viciously as she twisted her handkerchief.

“We tried but couldn’t find out anything about him,” Hong Xiu frowned as she replied.

Lu Yunshuang’s expression turned dark. “Can’t find out anything? Could he have popped up from the cracks of a rock? What the hell are all of you doing? Can’t you even find out somebody’s background?”

Hong Xiu explained while under tremendous pressure. “This man is truly strange. We used every resource we could from the house of assassins and no one was able to find out who he really is.”

Lu Yunshuang said, “Don’t you know to send somebody to follow him if you aren’t able to find out anything? As long he is human, it is not possible for him to not leave any trace.”

A chill ran through Hong Xiu. “I’ll make arrangements immediately.”

Lu Yunshuang was still seething in anger after Hong Xiu left. She smashed another vase before finally stopping.

Right at the moment, a palace maid reported to her, “Beauty Chen bumped into the Crown Prince in the garden…”

Lu Yunshuang’s face turned green with anger when she heard this.

Chen Qiyu, that damn tramp!

Bumped into him?

The Eastern Palace was a huge place, how could there be such coincidence? This was arranged on purpose.

She sneered and tidied up the draped silk on her arms. She held onto the palace maid’s hand. “The weather is fine today. Let’s head to the garden and admire the blooming roses.”

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