Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 261 - Lu Liangwei Was the Recipient of His Good Temper

Chapter 261: Lu Liangwei Was the Recipient of His Good Temper

Lu Liangwei was startled seeing it and could not help to look at him again.

He looked more handsome when he smiled than when he had a grim expression.

Lu Liangwei had never seen him smiling and looking so happy and carefree. For a moment, she was mesmerized by his smile.

He was a mature and attractive man. His facial features were cold and fiercely dignified when he was not smiling. There was no need for him to be enraged for others to feel his authority. His domineering presence struck a chord of awe and reverence from the others deep from their heart.

However, when he smiled, his facial features were elegant, giving off a sense of a gentleman’s charisma, soft-spoken and suavely dignified.

Just like how he looked right now.

The wide smile on his lips adorned his usually cold, rigid features with some warmth. Even his eyes seemed to be twinkling in joy.

She looked at him with a slightly perplexed look. She had no idea what she had said to make him happy.

Long Yang’s cool fingers caressed her petite face. “Are you angry?”

Lu Liangwei hesitated to answer as his fingers reached out to her. She was considering pushing his hand away, but would he get angry this time if she did?

She pondered for a while and decided to give up doing so.

An Emperor’s authoritative dignity should not be continuously challenged.

“I’m not.”

“If you aren’t angry, why do you look so grim?”

“When do I not look grim?” Lu Liangwei gave him an astonished look.

Long Yang smiled. His long fingers brushed on her tender, little face. He noted her expression, which was trying very hard to hold back something. His eyes twinkled even more.

“You don’t like me touching you?”

Lu Liangwei’s face flushed red at the sudden question.

Such words could easily be placed out of context.

She blinked a few times and replied in a joking manner. “If I said yes, would Your Majesty sentence me with guilt?”

Her skin was soft and smooth, and Long Yang could not stop fondling it. Even so, he controlled himself and pulled his hand away.

An indecipherable emotion flashed across his deep eyes.

“I won’t. I was the one who crossed the line, after all,” Long Yang said lightly.

Lu Liangwei was the recipient of his good temper.

No one else would dare speak to him in such a tone.

Lu Liangwei was stunned. She did not expect him to be so good-tempered.

If it was not for the fact that she was already aware of him not being a ‘nice’ person, she might mistake him for a gentleman of dignified elegance.

However, she knew that he was not such a person.

The man’s tone turned slightly husky with a tinge of dominance. “Weiwei, you’ll be my Empress sooner or later. Once we are married, it would not be possible for me to always let you have your way even if you don’t like it.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart trembled slightly at his words. She understood the subtle meaning in them.

She lifted her face to look at him.

He stood tall and straight under the sunlight, his figure like a majestic mountain with indomitable awe.

He did not have to do anything at all — a mere calm glance from those eyes and he already seemed to possess a domineering aura that disdained the entire world.

It was a natural-born nobility and dignity of an Emperor that was found within him, spawning fear and respect in people.

Lu Liangwei’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

He was the Emperor. No one dared defy him, and no one dared reject him. In fact, he could just plunder whatever he wanted without being bothered with having another’s consent.

She was suddenly fearful over her brazen actions that had possibly challenged death.

No matter how gentle Long Yang treated her, he was still the Emperor. He held the world in his palms and was in control of the people’s life and death.

“Your Majesty, this humble servant has been impudent,” she lowered her head and spoke with an anxious tone.

Long Yang frowned hearing what she said. It was not his intention to scare her.

Since informing her of his intentions of marrying her, this girl had been trying her best to avoid him. It looked like she would shrink back into her shell in fear this time.

Long Hang felt helpless as his long fingers rubbed between his eyes.

He was already thirty years old, and he had never tried to please a woman before. He had no idea how to coax a young girl like her.

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