Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 260 - A Strange, Electrifying, and Numb Sensation

Chapter 260: A Strange, Electrifying, and Numb Sensation

“Yes,” Lu Liangwei replied as she lifted her eyes to look at him.

It could be because he had just returned from the imperial court, there was a strong sense of dignified intimidation coming from him, especially when his hair was tied up at the top with a gold crown.

Only thing was, his dark eyes had an indecipherable, hidden emotion when he looked over at her.

For some reason, Lu Liangwei felt a little frightened.

“Are you tired?” Long Yang reached out naturally to hold her little hand. His fingertips, which was thinly calloused, gently brushed against her tender fingers.

It was a strange, electrifying and numb sensation that made Lu Liangwei slightly uncomfortable.

His expression looked quite serious, but his action was coquettish that made a heart race and face blush at the same time.

She darted a look at him as she pulled her hand away. Seeing his eyes narrowed, she had no choice but to show her hands and explained, “My hands are dirty from pulling herbs from the ground.”

She meant to say that the reason she pulled away was that she did not want to dirty his hands, and not because she rejected him doing so.

Long Yang’s gaze fell onto her fair and tender hands and saw that they were indeed covered with dirt. He paused momentarily as his dark eyes looked at her. ” I’ll bring you to wash your hand.”

With that, he held her hand once again without giving her a chance to protest and walked toward the stream at the side.

Lu Liangwei did not dare to object at the man’s sudden domineering attitude.

When they arrived at the stream, he held onto her shoulders as they crouched together. He took her hands and placed them into the water, his slender fingers rubbing hers clean gently.

The water was very cooling, but Lu Liangwei’s face blushed red in an instant.

Her fingers moved slightly, attempting to pull her hand away, but he tightened his grasp instead.

“Don’t move, it will be done soon,” Long Yang said gently, his tone sounded like he was cajoling a child.

Lu Liangwei lowered her head and stayed silent.

Long Yang gazed at the little hands he had placed into the stream of water. Each finger was perfectly proportioned and slender. They were like scallion, tender and beautiful.

The corner of his lips curved upwards as his long fingers caressed the back of her hand. Before she turned to look at him, he took her hands out of the water and carefully wiped them dry with a handkerchief he had pulled out.

A strange and complicated feeling emerged from within Lu Liangwei.

He was so detailed and careful as if her hands were some sort of cherished treasure.

She pursed her lips and cocked her head to look at him.

Right then, his head was lowered. His light and feathery eyelashes lining the edge of his eyelids. He had a focused yet gentle expression on his face as his thin lips pressed tight together. His usual stern and hard persona softened, emitting a sense of gentleness.

Lu Liangwei suddenly felt slightly frustrated seeing how Long Yang was behaving.

He was the Emperor, noble and dignified. The world was at his hands as he wielded absolute power over a person’s life and death. Yet now, he was not bothered by his powerful status as he busied himself with something so minor as to wipe her hands dry.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes lowered slightly. She could not help imagining if he normally treated and cared for another woman with such gentleness and meticulousness.

At the thought of those other women in the imperial harem, she frowned and pulled her hand away.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” she said, her tone sounded nonchalant.

Long Yang found his hands suddenly empty. He was amused seeing her eyes lowered with a solemn expression on her small face.

He lifted her chin, his dark eyes looked at her as if they could see through her heart.

“You’ll be my Empress very soon. Taking care of you is what I’m supposed to do.”

His fingers moved as he said this, and he gave her a light touch on the head.

Lu Liangwei waved his hand away and said quietly. “I’m not your Empress yet.”

That was why even if he was the Emperor, he should not cross the line.

Lu Liangwei admitted that her tone sounded a little implicit, but it also revealed what she meant to say.

However, Long Yang was not angry after hearing her words. Instead, a smile slowly appeared on his lips, washing away the cold and dignified expression on his face.

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