Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 188 - Intermingled Breathing

Chapter 188: Intermingled Breathing

Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed.

Lu Liangwei did not notice how strange he looked. When she saw that he was wearing thin clothes, she could not help breaking the silence. “Your Majesty, thank you for bringing me home. The night is chilly; you should hurry back.”

Long Yang shook his head. “I’m not cold.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Alright.”

“I feel quite hot.”

Right after that, Long Yang’s voice sounded again, this time containing a trace of huskiness that set one’s heart racing. It felt as if he was speaking in a low voice right next to her ear.

Lu Liangwei’s face burned as she took an involuntary step back.

If she had known earlier that he had no problems performing… She would never have added those kinds of medicinal materials so confidently.

Now that he had brought this up again, she felt rather ashamed and did not know where to hide her face.

She pulled herself together. In a quiet voice, she tried to convince him, “Your Majesty, you’ve just taken the antidote, and your royal body has only just recovered. You should head back earlier and rest.”

“Very well. I’ll leave now.” Long Yang nodded and turned to leave once he had finished speaking.

Lu Liangwei bit her lip and tilted her head, gauging the distance between the roof and the ground.

She wondered whether she would be crippled, or if she would die immediately should she jump down just like that.

She felt a little like crying, but the tears would not come.

Just as her gaze darted around, searching for any nearby pillars that might be able to aid her in sliding down from the roof, the sound of a gust of wind swept past behind her.

Before she could react, she felt something tighten around her waist, and the next thing she knew, someone had picked her up.

She almost cried out involuntarily, then realized that the person carrying her was none other than Long Yang, who had suddenly turned around and come back.

“Your Majesty…” She stared at him blankly.

Long Yang landed on the ground with Lu Liangwei in his arms. His gaze quickly scanned his surroundings and alighted upon the tightly closed door of a room behind him.

“Is this your bed chamber?”

“Yes.” Lu Liangwei nodded. Long Yang’s lips curved up slightly when he heard this. Still carrying her, he kicked the door open and entered the room, silvery moonlight spilling onto the floor.

Zhu Yu, who was sleeping in the outer room, heard the noise and asked sleepily, “Miss, do you need to relieve yourself? I’ll accompany you.”

Lu Liangwei was so startled she jumped. Hastily she answered, “No need for that; I’m already back. You can continue sleeping.”

“Oh. Alright then, Miss…” On her small bed, Zhu Yu turned over and went back to sleep.

Lu Liangwei was exasperated yet amused. This girl, Zhu Yu, certainly slept very soundly.

If the person entering was some miscreant and her mistress had gone to meet her Maker, Zhu Yu would probably not have discovered it either.

Long Yang carried Lu Liangwei into the inner room.

“Your Majesty, you can put me down now,” Lu Liangwei said very softly. She did not feel comfortable being in his arms like that.

Long Yang carried her straight over to the bed.

He bent from the waist and set her down. The distance between them decreased—something they could not avoid. Between their intermingled breaths, it was difficult to tell whose breathing had disturbed whose.

Lu Liangwei tried to lean back as much as possible to avoid being in too close proximity with him.

Long Yang glanced at her before he straightened up. “You should get some early rest. I’ll take my leave now.”

“Very well. Be careful on your way back, Your Majesty.” Lu Liangwei nodded slightly.

Long Yang turned and took two paces before recalling something. He paused his steps and turned his head to look back at her, swiftly saying, “My body is completely normal.”

He strode out of the door after leaving behind these baffling words.

Lu Liangwei was still somewhat at a loss when the sound of the door closing drifted to her ears from the outside.

She pulled her quilt around her and lay down.

Her mind kept going over what Long Yang had said before he left until her still-confused brain had a sudden epiphany which left her stunned.

Why had Long Yang suddenly said something like that to her?

So what if he was normal?

No, that was not correct. If he was normal, those who would benefit from it would be his concubines.

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