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Chapter 187 - She Felt As If She Might Catch Fire

Chapter 187: She Felt As If She Might Catch Fire

Chu Qi turned around obediently at Lu Liangwei’s words. From behind him, he heard the girl’s brisk voice saying, “Could I trouble you to crouch down, please.”

That was when Chu Qi realized what she was thinking of doing.

He frowned for a moment, but just when he was about to crouch down, a tall, slender figure suddenly appeared in his line of vision.

“Chu Qi, step aside, please.”

Chu Qi glanced at him and obediently moved away to one side.

When Lu Liangwei saw the broad-shouldered figure that suddenly appeared in front of her, her mind was thrown into utter confusion. Right after that, she heard the man say in a low, gentle voice, “Come on up.”

Lu Liangwei clutched at her fingers and stared at his back, hesitating. Chu Qi might have been a year younger than her, but when weighed up against him carrying her all the way back to the Grand Duke Mansion like a sandbag, she could abase herself a little and allow him to carry her on his back.

Of course, she did not feel stressed out about this when the person involved was Chu Qi. However, when the other party was now Long Yang, then…

“Your Majesty, it’s fine for Chu Qi to…”

“My Light Body Skill is better than his,” Long Yang interrupted blandly. [1]

Lu Liangwei remembered how swiftly they had moved when she was being carried on Chu Qi’s shoulder.

Even though she did not know very much about Light Body Skill, if Chu Qi was able to carry someone using just his own strength while traveling with ease between the Grand Duke Mansion and the Palace, then—needless to say—Chu Qi’s Light Body Skill must be of an extremely high level. It would be no exaggeration to describe his skill level as having reached perfection.

Given that Chu Qi’s Light Body Skill was already immensely impressive, she honestly could not imagine how Long Yang’s skill could possibly surpass that.

“It’s already an advanced hour. If you don’t leave now, it will be daybreak soon.” Long Yang turned to glance at her when she made no move to climb onto his back and discovered that her small face bore a hesitant expression.

He pursed his lips and suddenly took hold of her arms, placing them around his neck.

Lu Liangwei’s body froze. She completely forgot about reacting until she felt his palms supporting her thighs and heaving her up. Only then did she give a start.

“You’re far too lightweight.” Long Yang seemed to be smiling.

Lu Liangwei’s entire being was frozen into immobility; she did not even hear what Long Yang said. Her mind was buzzing furiously.

She felt as if the areas where his palms were touching her might catch fire and blaze with scalding heat for a while.

The fabric of her pants served as a barrier between his touch and her skin, but she could feel the warmth of his hands through the cloth. She immediately felt as if she had been scorched for a moment, and it made her feel uncomfortable all over.

Long Yang sensed her reaction but thought she was feeling cold—so he wrapped her tightly in her quilt.

At this point, Lu Liangwei’s mind was completely blank. Passively, she sprawled onto his broad back, steadied her breathing, and focused herself. She did not dare to move; she almost seemed to have entirely forgotten how to breathe as well.

It was not until the cold wind swept over her face that she gave a little shiver, becoming slightly more clear-headed.

Long Yang’s Light Body Skill was indeed excellent. Even while carrying her on his back, he was able to leap from rooftop to rooftop steadily in a very stable manner. He was not rough like Chu Qi, who had jolted her until she felt dizzy.

Apart from that, however, Lu Liangwei did not really feel that his Light Body Skill was better than Chu Qi at all.

He did not move as swiftly. At least to her, he was not as quick as Chu Qi, but he was much steadier, so the journey did not cause her any discomfort at all.

It was not long before they arrived at the Grand Duke Mansion. Long Yang landed on the roof of Dusklight Court with her on his back.

Lu Liangwei had tensed her entire body all through the journey, which was probably why her legs gave way the minute she set foot on the roof, and she almost toppled off. Luckily, Long Yang’s reactions were swift, and he was in time to prevent her from falling.

“Thank you.” Lu Liangwei pulled herself together and hastily pushed him away.

Long Yang looked at her for a moment through lowered eyes and calmly drew his hands back.

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