Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 186 - How Is It That You’re Done This Quickly

Chapter 186: How Is It That You’re Done This Quickly

Lu Liangwei felt as if a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Without another word, she turned and dashed out, still wrapped in the quilt.

The look in Long Yang’s eyes darkened. He wanted to call out and stop her, but it was definitely not appropriate for her to remain here. He could still feel that heated frustration within his body.

He clenched his fists; across his brow flashed a determined look of self-control and restraint.

Zhao Qian, Chu Qi, and Chief Physician Lin were outside the room in the darkness of the night, all three standing in a row.

The scene they had witnessed was so mind-boggling it had shaken them all to the very core. They needed to calm down.

The Emperor, who was rumored to keep a distance from the opposite sex, had actually kissed Second Miss Lu. Not only that, he had done it right in front of them.

They did not know what was happening in the room right now.

Would the Emperor have his way with Second Miss Lu?

Considering Second Miss Lu’s slender build, they guessed she must be in dire straits right now, calling for heaven and earth to save her, but to no avail.

Oh, that poor girl!

Just as all three of them were sighing sadly and feeling sorry for Lu Liangwei, a clear, crisp voice suddenly came from behind them. “Everyone, His Majesty is awake and conscious now. You may go in to check on him now.”

The three men stiffened. After that, they all turned around at the same time to look at her.

They blinked a few times when they saw Lu Liangwei standing at the door, looking for all the world as if she were intact and unsullied.

Zhao Qian was the first to react, blurting out, “Second Miss Lu, how is it that you’re done this quickly?”

Lu Liangwei was startled at first, then her eyes narrowed. With a spurious smile, she answered, “Why don’t you ask your master this question?”

Zhao Qian was stunned for a moment. Without thinking, he blurted out again, “This is Master’s first time; it’s very likely due to lack of experience. Next time though…”

Lu Liangwei flushed bright red at Zhao Qian’s blunt comments. She was afraid he would say something even more shocking, so she immediately interrupted him. “Butler Zhao, your master is calling for you.”

At this point, Zhao Qian also realized he had been too direct with his words. Second Miss Lu was still a very young lady, after all. He laughed drily. “I don’t believe Master is calling me.”

“Zhao Qian.”

A cold, intimidating voice came from behind Lu Liangwei, and a cold shiver ran down Zhao Qian’s spine. Falteringly, he lifted his eyes and finally noticed that his master had already come out—when, he had no idea—and was standing right behind Second Miss Lu.

He evaded his master’s gaze for a moment. In his heart, he was sure he was finished, but his face displayed an ingratiating smile as he hurried forward in a groveling manner. “Your humble servant is present. What orders do you have for me, Master?”

“Run twenty laps around the Palace walls.” These words, delivered straight from Long Yang’s thin lips, were enough to cause Zhao Qian to want to die.

The last time Chu Qi had angered Master somehow, he was punished with ten laps and had run until daybreak. Twenty laps—was that not asking for Zhao Qian’s poor old life?

However, how could he dare defy his master’s orders?

“Yes, Master,” he answered listlessly and walked away in dejection.

Chief Physician quietly wiped away beads of sweat, relieved that he had not said a word.

Lu Liangwei did not turn her head, but she could feel Long Yang standing very close behind her.

She could practically sense the cold, intimidating aura emanating from him.

When she felt his gaze upon her, she immediately straightened up stiffly, not daring to even look around.

She blinked quickly, concealing the panic in her heart. When she saw Chu Qi, a smiling expression immediately appeared on her face. “Chu Qi, I believe I will need to trouble you again to take me home.”

Chu Qi evaded her gaze for a moment, glancing at his master, who was standing behind her. When his master did not say anything, he gripped the sword hilt that hung from his waist and walked forward. He was about to throw Lu Liangwei over his shoulder like a sandbag once again when he felt his arm being grasped firmly.

“I don’t like being a sandbag, thank you.”

Chu Qi paused and looked hesitantly at her as if he did not understand. If he did not carry her over his shoulder, then what was he supposed to do?

Lu Liangwei gestured for him to turn around as she smiled innocently. “Please turn around first.”

Chu Qi, “…”

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