Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 185 - There Was Some Hidden Pleasure

Chapter 185:

There Was Some Hidden Pleasure

He had kissed her, and she had touched him.

Did it count as her taking advantage of him by doing that?

Even though she did not do it on purpose.

She placed her left hand behind her back. She felt that this hand of hers was burning furiously.

That touch was a scary experience!

However, the original story had stated that Long Yang was not interested in women because of Frostbite and was unable to copulate, right?

“Lu Liangwei, what did you add into the medicine?” The man’s voice was still hoarse as he whispered into her ear. Lu Liangwei jumped. It was only then that she realized that he had straightened up and was very close to her when she was distracted in her thoughts. He moved slightly closer toward her while talking to her. It felt like he was biting her ear as he spoke.

Lu Liangwei’s heart beat rapidly. She suddenly thought about something after hearing his question.

Frostbite was a venomous poison that could destroy one’s virility, hence the antidote had to include some medicinal materials that could correct that issue.

If one had taken it under normal circumstances, the reaction would not be this extreme. It would have helped awaken certain senses within the man at most.

Judging by Long Yang’s reaction, it did not seem like he was unable to perform.

A look of perplex crossed her petite face.

Long Yang noted her expression and quickly understood. A laugh escaped his lips. “Did you think that other than being poisoned, I was also unable to…”

He paused and frowned, but did not finish his sentence.

Lu Liangwei was feeling a little on the edge. She darted a quick look at him.

She pondered and finally build up the courage to ask, “Isn’t that so? Frostbite’s poison is meant to destroy blood circulation. Anyone who gets poisoned by it would lose interest in women, even to the point of finding women annoying and disgusting. You…”

Lu Liangwei bit her lower lip but did not continue.

All she did was ridicule him in her heart. Long Yang had strict rules in his daily life. One of the most well-known rules was that a woman was not allowed to be three feet within him.

Was this not an indication of him disliking women?

However, Lu Liangwei had forgotten that whenever she appeared in front of Long Yang, the distance between them would be less than one meter. There were times when she was even closer in distance to him, yet Long Yang had never expressed any disgust.

“Aren’t you a woman?” Long Yang smiled vaguely.

Lu Liangwei frowned as she replied, “Of course I’m a …”

“Of course you’re not a woman, you’re but a little girl,” Long Yang interrupted her, his words sounded like there was some hidden pleasure hidden within.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Long Yang watched as she choked on her words and a smile flashed in his eyes. He next tried to look more serious as he explained properly, “You’re right about the Frostbite destroying a man’s virility, but do you think Chief Physician Lin is incapable? Even though he is unable to completely rid me of the Frostbite, but under his careful care all these years, he had cured me of that particular issue long ago. That is why my condition wasn’t as you had imagined.”

Did this cheeky girl think that he could not do a man’s duty?

His eyes narrowed dangerously.

Lu Liangwei was slightly taken aback. She had not thought this to be the situation.

She felt a little embarrassed.

“Was that why you added medicinal material that could stimulate virility?”

Long Yang’s tone sounded casual but for some reason, Lu Liangwei felt a sense of danger emanating from him right then.

He was wearing a snow-white inner garment that was splattered with dark red bloodstains, which made him look lethal.

She swallowed and moved back a few steps. “I had no idea about your true condition, which was why… And I… Later…”

No wonder Long Yang had such a huge reaction. Was this considered her retribution?

She suddenly felt that she had been slapped with a guilty charge without any way to escape from it.

“Your Majesty, since you are now doing fine, I will make my way home.” She purposely yawned and said very quickly.

Long Yang’s eyes fell onto the quilt wrapped around her. He paused and the look on his face fell a little. “Fine.”

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