Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 184 - Stealing Every Breath From Her In a Whirlwind Of a Moment

Chapter 184: Stealing Every Breath From Her In a Whirlwind Of a Moment

It took Zhao Qian about 15 minutes to finally untie and remove the Ice Soul Silk from Zhao Qian.

He felt as if he had used up every ounce of strength within him. He fell sitting weakly onto the ground, vigorously wiping away his sweat.

Just at that moment, Long Yang frowned and suddenly opened his eyes, as if woken up by the pain.

Lu Liangwei was about to retreat when she suddenly found herself staring into his intimidating, cold eyes. She was unprepared for it and her heart immediately tightened from the abruptness.

She tried to steady her heart as she questioned, “Your Majesty, you’re awake? How do you feel right now? Are you feeling better?”

As she said this, she reached out once again to feel his pulse. However, her hand had only just touched his skin when she felt something tightened around her wrist suddenly. Before she could react, she was pulled right to the front of Long Yang. It was so close that she could feel his burning breath caressing her face.


The man’s hoarse voice brushed past her ear and Lu Liangwei’s breathing sharpened. She lifted her eyes only to be met with the man’s slightly dilated pupils. She realized at that moment that he was not completely conscious.

She felt slightly relieved but felt slightly uncomfortable with how he had called out to her so intimately.

He had never called out to her this way before. He had always referred to her as Second Miss Lu or Lu Liangwei most of the time.

Although, this time, why…

Just as her imagination was running wild, she suddenly felt a hand holding the back of her head. The very next second, her entire head was pushed forward forcefully.

Her soft lips were instantly encompassed by a burning sensation.

Her pretty eyes immediately widened.

The other three persons in the room were so bewildered that they failed to react as they watched blankly at the scene unfolding in front of them.

Zhao Qian was the first to react and he immediately sprang up. The first thing he did was to turn around with his back facing them and covered Chu Qi’s widened eyes with his hand.

“Kids shouldn’t be looking at this, you know. Stop staring or your eyes will be swollen.” He did not let any one of them say anything, pulling the still befuddled Chu Qi and Chief Physician Lin out of the room quickly.

Lu Liangwei heard the commotion and came to her senses from the shock she experienced. Her hand pushed against Long Yang’s chest in an attempt to break free from his stronghold.

However, Long Yang was unexpectedly strong and she was not able to do a thing at all.

She could only watch while he had his way, stealing every breath from her in a whirlwind of a moment. She frowned and bit him on the tongue ferociously.

Long Yang felt pain and his muddle-headedness was cleared up slightly as he finally released her.

He lowered his eyes and saw her red, swollen lips. He was startled for a moment as the bloody taste in his mouth reminded him of what had just transpired.

He licked his lips and a trace of a troubled look crossed his eyes.

He thought he was in a dream just now in which she had appeared in front of him, which was why he could not help but…

“Lu Liangwei, I…”

Lu Liangwei’s petite face blushed red as she glared at him in mild anger.

She had never expected Long Yang to steal a kiss from her.

The sudden situation was too perplexing, causing her mind to go blank.

Even though she had calmed down slightly, but fury had filled her heart up.

She struggled to get out of his arms, but amidst the chaos, her hand pressed onto something unknown. All she heard was a low grunt from the man and her already red face now looked like it was pumped full of blood.

“I… I didn’t do that on purpose.”

She explained anxiously when she met the eyes of the man who was trying to hold something back. Her heart quickly started thumping.

Long Yang lowered his head to take a look and his almond eyes darkened. By the time he had lifted his head, there was a thin red color spreading near the tip of his eyes. He said in a hoarse voice, “There’s no need to be nervous.”

Lu Liangwei stood where she was as she bit her lip, not knowing exactly what to do.

Unlike cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Long Yang’s kiss was quite invasive. Even now, her mouth was still filled with his taste.

She should be confronting his rude behavior, but at that moment, there was suddenly no grounds for her indignation.

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