Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 183 - Emanating A Sense Of Lethal Attraction

Chapter 183: Emanating A Sense Of Lethal Attraction

Chu Yi stood guard by the door and saw Chu Qi flying in. He seemed to be carrying a person over his shoulder. From the look of the person’s falling hair, it seemed to be a woman.

He was tongue-tied. Was that rascal, Chu Qi, aware of the current situation? Why did he abduct a woman here?

Did he think that their master’s current condition was curable with a woman?

Chu Qi carried Lu Liangwei and entered Long Yang’s bedroom directly.

Chief Physician Lin and Zhao Qian were shocked when they saw him suddenly flying in with a person over his shoulder.

However, they quickly realized what he was doing.

“Chu Qi, have you brought Second Miss Lu over?” Zhao Qian asked, secretly hoping that he did so.

With his master’s current condition, only Second Miss Lu would know what to do.

Chief Physician Lin looked at his shoulder with the same hope in his eyes.

Lu Liangwei was still feeling slightly dizzy when she was put down. It was not a nice feeling to be carried on a shoulder like a sandbag.

She stood there wrapped in a quilt, giving Chu Qi a speechless glance.

She did not have the energy to give any sarcastic retort.

Zhao Qian and Chief Physician Lin looked slightly taken aback as well when they realized she was wrapped in a quilt.

However, Zhao Qian quickly pulled himself together and said, “Second Miss Lu, quick, take a look at Master. He became like this after taking the antidote.”

“That’s right, Second Miss Lu. Quickly, take a look at His Majesty first,” Chief Physician Lin urged as if he was holding onto the last hope that was her.

It was only then that Lu Liangwei turned around to look at the man behind the pillar.

Her lips twitched as she gave a deep and thoughtful glance at Zhao Qian and Chief Physician Lin.

Did they really tie up Long Yang?

A guilty look flashed in Zhao Qian’s eyes and explained, “Master got us to tie him up.”

Lu Liangwei turned her gaze away and nodded. “There’s nothing else we can do with his current condition. Tying him up is the only thing we can do for now, otherwise, he might end up hurting himself.”

She walked over while still wrapped in the quilt, and stood still in front of Long Yang.

Long Yang’s head was now lowered as he was already slightly faint. The effects of the medication must have tortured him hard and depleted his energy.

His hair, which was dark as a crow’s feather, had now fallen all about his face. It made him look paler than usual. The bites around his dark, red lips seemed bright with color while his snow-white shirt was half-opened, revealing his exquisite collar bone. He looked different from his usual elegant and authoritative self. Now, there was an aura of dispiritedness about him, which was unexpectedly emanating a sense of lethal attraction…

Lu Liangwei took one glance at him and dared not look any longer.

She lowered her head and reached her hand out to feel his pulse. When she was sure there was nothing serious about his condition, she heaved a sigh of relief.

However, she did feel slightly sympathetic seeing him in such a disheveled state.

There was nothing much she could do. She could research Frostbite and its’ poisonous impacts, but she had no way of controlling its’ medicinal effects.

This was because should the medication be too mild, it would not be effective.

Her gaze fell upon the bloody marks on his wrists caused by the rope. She pursed her lips and said to Zhao Qian, “The medicinal effects within His Majesty’s body have passed. You may release him.”

Zhao Qian immediately went forward when he heard this and immediately loosened the ropes on Long Yang without saying a word.

He was fearful when he saw the marks on the Emperor’s arms.

This might be the end of him. Would his master punish him again when he woke up?

His master was already in a crazed state when he tied him up. The Emperor’s internal strength was powerful and he was fearful that his master would break free from the rope and end up hurting himself. Zhao Qian had no choice but to change the rope for Ice Soul Silk, which was quite difficult to break.

Ice Soul Silk was tough and tensile. It could not be damaged by water nor fire. Similarly, the harder one tried to wrangle his way through Ice Soul Silk, the tighter it would become, cutting straight into one’s flesh.

Zhao Qian was sweating with anxiety. He was afraid the Ice Soul Silk will pull onto his master’s flesh while loosening it. He could only untie it very carefully.

However, the Ice Soul Silk had sunk slightly deep into his master’s flesh. No matter how careful Zhao Qian tried to be, he would still end up pulling onto his master’s flesh when he loosened the silk.

Lu Liangwei watched nervously from the side, her eyes filled with admiration for Zhao Qian.

She had never expected Zhao Qian to be so daring.

Long Yang had not been hurt from the Phantom Bluegrass’ medicinal effects, rather, he was hurt quite a bit by the Ice Soul Silk.

Zhao Qian was truly a brave soul!

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