Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 189 - It Was The First Time He Had Felt An Uncontrollable Urge

Chapter 189: It Was The First Time He Had Felt An Uncontrollable Urge

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips. What was he showing off about?

It was as if he was the only one in the world who was normal.

Lu Liangwei thought about this disapprovingly. It was not long before sleepiness overcame her, and she dozed off soon after.

Long Yang did not depart immediately. Just as he had mentioned, his body felt hot, and the heated restlessness within him cooled down slightly as he stood in the cold wind.

He wondered how much of those virile… medications that glib girl had added into the antidote.

It was the first time he had felt an uncontrollable urge since reaching adulthood.

In the darkness, he stared at Lu Liangwei’s room for a while, then sighed and finally left, using his Light Body Skill.

The next day.

Lu Liangwei was slightly vexed when she saw the cloak and dagger on her table.

She had forgotten to return those items last night.

As for Long Yang’s poison, she was not worried at all.

She was very confident in her ability to cure poisons.

Long Yang had already taken the antidote she had created. Even though the process of clearing the poison out of his system had caused some pain, one night had already gone by, so the effects of the antidote would also have passed. The Frostbite within his body was certainly cured.

However, this poison had lain dormant within him for many years, exhausting his body considerably. He needed time to slowly nurse his health before he could fully recover.

This was something that she did not need to worry about, as Chief Physician Lin was on hand to help Long Yang recuperate.

Lu Liangwei busied herself in the medicinal room for half the day. She only heaved a sigh of relief at last when she heard nothing in the way of bad news.

If circumstances had changed, Lu Tingchen would have come back and informed her right away.

Since there was no news, this meant that Long Yang’s situation had stabilized.

Lu Liangwei very quickly pushed this matter to the back of her mind and focused on doing her own work.

Not long later, Zhu Yu ran into the room from outside in a frenzy of excited energy. “Miss, guess what I heard out there?”

Lu Liangwei darted a glance at her, shaking her head in a somewhat resigned manner. “What did you hear out there that’s made you so happy?”

Zhu Yu took a deep breath before answering in great excitement, “Miss, do you know? The Eastern Palace is taking in new girls. It seems that the Emperor issued a decree to the Ministry of Rites. They were to select a few beautiful women of virtue from different renowned families and send them to the Eastern Palace to serve the Crown Prince. I’m guessing Lu Yunshuang must be mad with rage right now. Haha, let’s see if Lu Yunshuan and Hong Xiu can still show off in the future!”

Zhu Yu was giddy with delight as she reveled in their misfortune.

Lu Liangwei was rather startled. “Where did you hear all this from?”

“It’s being circulated everywhere out there. I heard about it the moment I stepped out the door. Miss didn’t get wind of it because you’ve been indoors for the past few days and haven’t gone out,” Zhu Yu explained, beaming with delight.

Lu Liangwei looked pensive when she heard this.

The mansion had been quiet for the last few days; nothing had happened. Looking at it now, however, it seemed a little too quiet.

The mansion had so many servants, and every day there would be people going out to run errands. It was impossible for them not to have picked up even the faintest whisper of a rumor. However, nothing was heard about it in the mansion; it was only until Zhu Yu made a trip out that she heard what was being said.

From the looks of things, it must have been her father or grandmother who had given specific instructions, so the news had not reached Lu Liangwei’s ears.

Did they really still think that she would be upset and unable to bear it if she heard any news about Long Chi or the Eastern Palace?

Lu Liangwei massaged the space between her eyebrows; she felt rather helpless.

Her father and the others were worried for nothing.

The one who should worry most about the Eastern Palace being filled with beauties was Lu Yunshuang.

According to the book, the male lead, Long Chi, and the female lead, Lu Yunshuang, remained together their entire lives without any third parties being involved. Even at the end of the novel, Long Chi had never appointed nor accepted any concubines; Lu Yunshuang was the only woman at his side. Now, however, the story had taken a turn that moved it increasingly further away from the original tale.

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