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Chapter 178 - Her Heart Started Racing All Of A Sudden

Chapter 178: Her Heart Started Racing All Of A Sudden

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Lu Tingchen glanced at her and pointed to the chair beside him. “Sit down.”

Lu Liangwei obeyed and sat down, but she opened her mouth to speak before he could. “If you have anything you want to ask me, ask away.”

As Lu Tingchen looked at her lovely face, he felt a sudden headache.

This girl had first gotten tangled up with Long Chi, and not long after, she attracted the Emperor’s attention.

He said sternly, “What exactly have you done to make the Emperor treat you…” He could not bring himself to say the words “so differently”, so he stopped himself halfway.

Lu Liangwei understood what he meant and said innocently, “I didn’t do anything. The most I did was take His Majesty’s pulse a few times.”

After saying that, she felt guilty immediately.

It was because she had not told Lu Tingchen about her trip to Sacred Hillock Peak the other day.

Lu Tingchen did not know that Long Yang had accompanied her to the mountain.

As she recalled her thrilling experience on the mountain, her heart started racing all of a sudden.

That day, Long Yang had saved her a few times. If not for him, she probably would not have been able to come back in one piece.

She developed the detoxification pills for Long Yang, but he also saved her, so they no longer owed each other gratitude.

However, why was Long Yang still…

She was a little confused.

She had not done anything at all. Why did she receive special treatment from Long Yang?

Lu Tingchen could not help but sigh secretly when he saw her frowning in bewilderment.

This girl definitely was not aware of how beautiful she was, was she?

She clearly did not understand the remarkable extent of her beauty.

Only Long Chi would be so blind as to choose Lu Yunshuang over her.

As for the Emperor…

His sister’s beauty was a formidable power on its own. In the past, her recklessness and arrogance diminished that power. Now that she had turned over a new leaf and even learned to practice medicine, her beauty shone from the inside as well and would always attract attention whether she wanted it or not.

Thinking that the Emperor might have really fallen for Weiwei, he felt a stab of irritation.

He was loyal to the Emperor and respected him, but he did not want his sister to be involved in harem feuds.

She should spend her whole life in joy and peace.

Obviously, the palace was not the place for her.

Coming back to her senses, Lu Liangwei saw that he had furrowed his brow deeper and naturally understood his concern.

Realizing that her personal affairs were troubling him, she felt guilty and tried to reassure him, “Don’t overthink things, Big Bro. His Majesty didn’t say anything; maybe we’re overestimating ourselves here? Let’s not worry ourselves over nothing. It’s getting really late; hurry up and go to sleep.” As she spoke, she stood up.

Hearing her words, Lu Tingchen also stood up and nodded. “You’re right. Maybe we misunderstood what His Majesty meant. But in the future, don’t go to the palace anymore unless you really can’t say no.”

“Okay,” Lu Liangwei agreed readily. She did not like going to the palace anyway, so she did not hesitate.

Lu Tingchen gazed at her and was finally relieved when he saw that she did not seem to harbor any longing for the palace.

He was afraid that Weiwei would be enticed by the luxuries of palace life and would jump into the fire recklessly. If that were the case, it would be terrible news, given her obstinacy.

“Alright, I’ll send you back.”

“Okay,” Lu Liangwei did not refuse.

Back in Dusklight Court, Lu Liangwei washed up and went to bed. Because of her conversation with Lu Tingchen, she slept well that night.

Meanwhile, in Hidden Dragon Palace.

Zhao Qian had received the whipping punishment and was still recuperating in his room, so Chu Qi replaced him to wait on Long Yang.

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