Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 179 - He Would Not Let Master Sleep Either

Chapter 179: He Would Not Let Master Sleep Either

Chu Qi stood at the side, quiet as a statue.

The room was silent except for the occasional soft rustling of paper balls falling onto the floor.

Only when the paper balls started forming a pile on the floor did Chu Qi raise his eyes and look toward the man behind the table.

Master seemed to be different today. His face was as calm as usual, but he could not hide the disquiet in his eyes.

Chu Qi rolled his eyes thoughtfully. Was Master behaving so unusually because of Second Miss Lu?

After thinking for a moment, he bent down to pick up a paper ball from the floor and gently uncrumpled it.

It was a picture of a young girl resting her head and arms on a table.

Whoever painted this was very skillful, as the person portrayed seemed to come to life on the paper.

His gaze was moving toward the girl’s face when he was suddenly no longer holding anything in his hands, and a man’s angry voice sounded in the room.

“Chu Qi!”

Chu Qi glanced at the paper ball that was snatched away from him, pursing his lips. “Yes, Master?”

“I see that you’ve been rather idle these days. Have you not been practicing martial arts?”

“I—” Chu Qi had only uttered one word before being interrupted. “I don’t need you to stand guard here. Since you’re so energetic, go do ten laps around the palace walls.”

Chu Qi, “…”

He blinked innocently. Given how big the palace was, it would be dawn by the time he finished doing ten laps around the palace walls, and he would not get to sleep at all.

“Of course.” He cast his dark eyes downward. As he walked out, he suddenly thought of something and said without looking back, “Master, the Second Miss Lu that you painted is really ugly.” With that, he took to his heels and ran off without waiting for Long Yang’s reaction.

Since Master would not let him sleep, he would not let Master sleep either.

Master was actually very good at art and painted Second Miss Lu vividly. However, his heart was not at peace, and he could not help feeling that he had not painted her well.

After hearing him say that the painting was ugly, Master would definitely continue working on it. It would probably be daybreak when he was finally satisfied with it,

The corners of Chu Qi’s mouth lifted, and he started running around the palace walls in a cheerful mood.

Long Yang rubbed his forehead, wondering if he had been too kind and gentle recently. The people around him were each getting more presumptuous than the last.

He sat back in his chair with a grim expression. With his brush, he carefully traced the girl’s silhouette on paper.

Two days later.

Long Yang’s health condition had already become stable. That night, he took out the detoxification pill Lu Liangwei had given him, ready to take it.

Chief Physician Lin had come over early to wait.

Knowing that the Emperor was going to take the antidote today, he was both excited and nervous. He could not wait to see the effects of this detoxification pill.

Zhao Qian saw that his master had taken out the pill and said a little concernedly, “Master, we don’t know if there’s anything wrong with this detoxification pill. I could get someone to try it first, and after confirming that it’s alright, you can…”

Long Yang shot him a glance.

Zhao Qian swallowed and stopped speaking at once, not daring to say more.

However, he could not help feeling worried.

Although Second Miss Lu would never intend to harm Master, nobody could be sure if there was any problem with this detoxification pill that she had distilled.

What if something happened to Master after he took it…

Zhao Qian knitted his brow in distress.

Alas, Master trusted Second Miss Lu too much and was positive that there would be no problem with this medicine.

Even so, one could never be too careful…

Just when Zhao Qian was at his wits’ end, a figure next to him suddenly took a few steps forward.

“Master, I think that Butler Zhao’s concerns are not unreasonable. You…”

Seeing Chu Qi speak up for him, Zhao Qian was so touched that tears almost welled up in his eyes.

That fellow was usually silent, but at critical moments, he was the most reliable person.

Since Chu Qi had also come forward to persuade him, Master should begin to waver now.

However, the instant that thought appeared in his mind, he heard Long Yang say coolly, “My body is already like this; it can’t get any worse.”

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