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Chapter 177 - A Lingering Trace Of A Certain Someone’s Warmth

Chapter 177: A Lingering Trace Of A Certain Someone’s Warmth

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“Mm-hmm,” Long Yang grunted deeply in response. His slender fingers then unfastened the strings of his cloak, and he turned to Chu Qi, who was standing in the shadows. He gave him an order and eventually passed the cloak to him.

Chu Qi took it and ran to catch up to the Lu siblings.

“Chu Qi, is something the matter?” Seeing him rushing up to them, Lu Tingchen could not help turning back to ask.

Chu Qi did not say anything but shook the cloak in his hands and draped it over Lu Liangwei’s shoulders. He then said expressionlessly, “Master said that it’s a bit cold at night, and that Second Miss Lu shouldn’t catch a cold.”

With that, he dashed off swiftly without waiting for the Lu siblings’ reactions.

Lu Tingchen stared dumbfoundedly at the cloak covering Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei lightly touched the dark-colored cloak on her shoulders. There seemed to be a lingering trace of a certain someone’s warmth on it.

She turned to look at where Long Yang had been standing just now, but he was no longer there.

She felt slightly dazed.

Somehow, she had a feeling that Long Yang had made the sudden appearance just to give her a cloak.

“Weiwei, the Emperor and you…” Lu Tingchen could not stop himself from voicing the misgivings in his heart.

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei felt a little guilty and explained hastily, “Well, you can say that I accomplished something great by developing the detoxification pills for the Emperor. His Majesty gave me a cloak as a gesture of gratitude, I think.”

Lu Tingchen paused for a while and gave her a sidelong glance. He pursed his lips but said nothing in the end.

The two of them left Hidden Dragon Palace to find a carriage waiting for them.

Chu Yi came up to them. “This is the carriage that Master told me to prepare for you. Go ahead and board it; after sending you home, I still have to return here.”

Eyeing the carriage parked beneath the night sky, Lu Tingchen frowned, but he said calmly, “Thank you for your hard work, Chu Yi. I shall thank the Emperor personally when I come tomorrow.”

Chu Yi did not say anything. After the two had boarded the carriage, he jumped onto the coachman’s seat. Taking the reins, he gave them a subtle flick and started driving the carriage out of the palace.

Inside the carriage, both siblings were silent.

Lu Tingchen looked at the cloak on Lu Liangwei’s body, then at her pretty little face, feeling a bit uneasy.

However, as Chu Yi was still outside, he held himself back from talking.

After boarding the carriage, Lu Liangwei put on a tired face and dozed off against the wall. Nevertheless, she was not feeling calm at all inside.

Long Yang… What was his intention?

Too many things had happened today, and she found that she could not digest them all of a sudden.

First, he had asked her to stay for a meal. During the meal, he had said some implicative things. Now, he even gave her a cloak and ordered Chu Yi to drive them home…

If Long Yang had not said those words during the meal, she probably would not overthink the situation. However, because he did, she could not help pondering the arrangements he had made after that.

Her mind was in turmoil.

Although her eyes were shut tight, she could still sense her brother’s grave expression.

He must have noticed something too, right?

Lu Liangwei felt terribly confused and was at a loss for what to do.


They arrived at the Grand Duke Mansion soon. The siblings got down from the carriage and bid farewell to Chu Yi. After watching him drive away, they walked through the mansion gates.

The clothes that Lu Liangwei had changed out of that morning were still in Constellation Harvest Court, so she followed Lu Tingchen back to his quarters.

After getting changed, she came out and saw that Lu Tingchen was sitting there waiting for her. She wanted to say goodnight to him, but after catching sight of his expression, she could only swallow her words back down.

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