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Chapter 176 - His Gaze Became Frighteningly Clouded

Chapter 176: His Gaze Became Frighteningly Clouded

Long Yang placed a dark cloak over Lu Liangwei’s body and was about to walk away, but his gaze was inadvertently attracted to her gorgeous, ethereal features.

His eyes fell on her fair and delicate face. After a momentary pause, he decided to sit down in the chair next to her.

Her sleeping face was quiet and meek, and her long and thick eyelashes cast delicate shadows underneath her eyelids.

Her nose was dainty, and her lips appeared strikingly red in contrast to her snow-white skin, as luscious and captivating as a fresh cherry.

His gaze landed on her lips and lingered there for a moment. Just when he was about to look away, he caught sight of a small black spot at the corner of her mouth. It seemed to be a black sesame seed that had accidentally stuck on during their meal just now.

He hesitated for a while before reaching his index finger out to wipe the seed away. However, when his finger had barely touched her lips, the sleeping girl—apparently in the middle of some sort of dream—grabbed it and put it in her mouth.

Long Yang’s body stiffened, his eyes narrowing slightly.

The warm and moist feeling on his finger caused his eyes to darken abruptly.

The next instant, he felt something soft brush his fingertip, and his body immediately tensed up like iron.

A dark shadow passed over his face as he stared at the unsuspecting girl fast asleep. Eventually, he pulled his finger out.

When he saw the wet stain on his fingertip, his gaze became frighteningly clouded. Under the illumination in the room, a layer of sweat was barely perceptible on his forehead.

Lu Liangwei went on to sleep very soundly, and it was Lu Tingchen who came over to shake her awake.

She rubbed her eyes and looked around blankly, then asked a little drowsily, “Big Bro, can we go home already? I’m really sleepy.”

Seeing her like this, Lu Tingchen felt distressed and amused at the same time. “Of course, let’s go.”

Lu Liangwei shook her arms that had gone numb from her sleeping on them, a pained expression on her face. “My arms are numb.”

At the sight of her remaining seated and refusing to move, Lu Tingchen said in exasperation, “Your arms are numb, not your legs. Get up now.”

Lu Liangwei moaned shamelessly, “Carry me, Big Bro.”

Lu Tingchen gave a somewhat frustrated laugh and snickered, “When did you become so lazy?”

Despite his words, he turned his back to her and squatted down in front of her. “Come up quickly, you lazy girl.”

Lu Liangwei climbed onto his back with a grin and pressed against his firm muscles, feeling inexplicably at ease.

She patted him on the shoulder playfully. “Get moving, Little Lu!”[1]

Lu Tingchen’s mouth twitched, and he berated her with a smile, “I’m going to throw you off, believe it or not.”

“I don’t believe you.” Lu Liangwei clasped her arms around his neck fearlessly.

“Lu Liangwei, did I owe you a debt in my last life?” Lu Tingchen was at a loss to deal with her.

“Maybe,” After thinking for a while, Lu Liangwei answered thoughtfully as though seriously contemplating it.

Lu Tingchen laughed and shook his head. He carried Lu Liangwei out of the room and walked directly toward the entrance of Hidden Dragon Palace.

It was a little chilly at night, and Lu Liangwei curled into a ball on his back.

Suddenly, Lu Tingchen paused in his tracks and turned his head to the left. “Your Majesty.”

Lu Liangwei lifted her head and followed his gaze. Sure enough, she saw Long Yang coming out from his sleeping quarters. His long black hair cascaded over his shoulders, and there was water vapor all over his body.

He was wearing a white inner garment under a dark cloak.

He was some distance away, so she could not see the expression on his face clearly.

However, Lu Liangwei could still feel his gaze falling on her at this moment.

Deep, intimidating, and unpredictable.

Lu Liangwei tightened her hold on Lu Tingchen slightly.

“Your Majesty, it’s getting late, so I’ll be bringing my sister back first.”

Lu Tingchen’s voice abruptly broke the silence, making Lu Liangwei breathe a sigh of relief for no apparent reason and slump onto her brother’s shoulders once again.

[1] Here, Lu Liangwei is treating Lu Tingchen the way a member of royalty would treat a eunuch

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