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Chapter 172 - He Will Definitely Be Able To Withstand It

Chapter 172: He Will Definitely Be Able To Withstand It

When Long Chi saw what was happening, his eyes darkened with desire and he hugged Lu Yunshuang tightly. “Shuang’er, you don’t need to worry. Even if those women move into the Eastern Palace, they are nothing but decorations. I will never touch them…”

As he said this, he dropped urgent kisses on her face.

Lu Yunshuang tried to avoid his kisses as if she were shy, which only fuelled Long Chi’s frenzy.

After putting up a show of resistance, she yielded, and they finally fell together onto the bed.

Hidden Dragon Palace.

Chief Physician Lin sat quietly to one side, holding his breath as he observed Lu Liangwei diagnosing Long Yang’s pulse.

Lu Liangwei sat upright next to Long Yang, her demeanor serious and focused. After a moment, she drew back her hand, and a hint of a smile appeared on her face. “I congratulate Your Majesty. Your body has recuperated quite well indeed. Another two days of drinking the medicine, and you will be able to take the detoxification pills.” As she spoke, she took out a porcelain bottle and placed it in Long Yang’s hands.

“These pills were not easy to distill, and the guiding herb was even more difficult to obtain. Your Majesty must make sure to safeguard them properly. Oh yes—after taking the detoxification pill, Your Majesty will be in some pain when the medicine takes effect. Your Majesty must bear with it for a while. If you are unable to, then…” She slewed her eyes and leaned in closer for a moment.

“Then you should get someone to tie you down.”

She lowered her voice so much at this latter sentence that even Chief Physician Lin was unable to hear what she said, even though he was straining his ears. In a moment of anxiety, he almost lost his composure.

“Second Miss Lu, if His Majesty is unable to withstand the pain, what should be done?” He could not help asking.

Lu Liangwei turned around to glance at him. She batted her eyes, smiling as she said, “With His Majesty’s willpower, he will definitely be able to withstand it. You worry too much about him.”

Chief Physician Lin, “…”

Long Yang noticed the sauciness in her smile, and the corners of his mouth quirked slightly.

However, the memory of her conversation with Zhao Qian in front of Hidden Dragon Palace instantly froze the smile on his lips.

Lu Liangwei did not notice how odd he looked at all. Seeing that her mission had been accomplished, she stood up.

Right at this moment, Lu Tingchen hurried in.

His face betrayed hints of anxiety as he strode into the Palace. Quickly, he bowed toward Long Yang, then moved in front of Lu Liangwei and scrutinized her from head to toe. Only then did he finally stop worrying about her.

“I heard that an assassin breached this area just now. Are you alright?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head, smiling. The ‘assassin’ was Zhao Qian in disguise. When she thought of his eyes, red and swollen because of the chili powder, she could not help laughing out loud. “I’m fine. The one who isn’t is the ‘assassin’.”

Lu Tingchen did not understand, but the thought of his younger sister’s increasingly strange antics of late made him raise his brows as he asked, “What happened?”

Lu Liangwei drew a small pouch from her bosom, then retrieved a pitch-black little ball from the pouch.

It looked a little like a General Tonic Pill, but the scent of it was pungent enough to make one choke—rather unlike the General Tonic Pill.

“What is this?” The one asking this question was Long Yang.

He had already gotten up from his seat and walked over to face the siblings.

Lu Liangwei batted her eyes, passing the chili ball to him so he could have a look. “Take a guess, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang watched her manner, and delight flickered briefly on his brow. He reached out to take the ball and scrutinized it. “Was it that item just now?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “That’s right.”

Long Yang looked at her, his gaze enigmatic. “You’re entering the Palace, and yet you still bring items like these with you?”

The slight look of pride on Lu Liangwei’s face froze immediately. She laughed drily. “Your Majesty, please do not misunderstand. This humble servant has no intention of harming you…”

“I know,” Long Yang interrupted her. He was only teasing her and was not planning on punishing her in any way.

Even though Lu Tingchen did not know how powerful that tiny ball was, he could tell that it was no ordinary little plaything by the smell wafting from it. When he heard the conversation between Long Yang and Lu Liangwei, he vaguely guessed what was going on.

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