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Chapter 171 - They Are Not Capable Of Creating Any Trouble

Chapter 171: They Are Not Capable Of Creating Any Trouble

The extreme displeasure and suppressed fury on Lu Yunshuang’s face was terrible to behold. Hong Xiu did not dare try and persuade her anymore.

Once the servants had retreated, Hong Xiu stayed to personally clean up the mess in the room.

Lu Yunshuang clenched her fists and cursed quietly, “Damn it…”

Hong Xiu’s expression changed in fright. Quickly, she threw aside the implements she was holding and approached Lu Yunshuang. In a low voice, she attempted to talk some sense into her, “Crown Princess, you must be careful with your words.”

Lu Yunshuang, however, was completely at the end of her patience. “Be careful with my words? How can I still be careful with them?”

She and Long Chi had only been married for two months, and the Emperor could not wait to fill the Eastern Palace with women. How could she possibly calm down?

Hong Xiu was rather anxious as well, but when she thought about her mistress’ family background, she was able to understand the situation more thoroughly.

After all, Miss was just the daughter of a secondary wife. To have been able to become the Crown Princess was a massive stroke of luck. Even though there were commoners who had became queen since ancient times, they were still regarded as low-status.

Sooner or later, new women would be inducted into the Eastern Palace, so the Crown Princess should learn to take things in stride.

Hong Xiu gave this some thought and analyzed the situation. “Crown Princess, there’s really no need to panic about this. No matter what happens, you’ve already been given the title of Crown Princess. No matter how many new concubines there are, they will never surpass you.

“Not only that, your humble servant has heard that this time, the Ministry of Rites has chosen these women from noble families, but they are not of high status. Your humble servant’s guess is that His Majesty is still quite wary of the Grand Duke Family and does not want to embarrass us.

“The way your humble servant sees it, the function of those impending new concubines is merely to warm the Crown Prince’s bed. They are not capable of creating any trouble.”

However, Lu Yunshuang was provoked by the phrase, ‘warming the Crown Prince’s bed.’

With a lightning–fast gesture, she knocked over a teacup beside her hand. “The Crown Prince is only allowed to have me as his woman. How can he still go and sleep with someone else?”

Hong Xiu was unable to dodge in time and was hit by the teacup. The hot tea splashed out, scalding her skin, and she instantly felt a burning pain.

However, Lu Yunshuang was in a rage right in front of her, and Hong Xiu had to tolerate the pain no matter how much it hurt.

“Crown Princess, you need to have some forbearance. Furthermore, the only way forward now is for you to get pregnant with a royal heir soon. This way… you will never need to worry no matter how many beautiful women get inducted here in the future.”

She had originally wanted to say that no matter which beauty the Crown Prince favored, there was no need for the Crown Princess to be worried as long as she had a royal heir. However, she was afraid of agitating Lu Yunshuang further and causing more trouble for herself, so she changed her words.

Lu Yunshuang caressed her stomach.

How could she not be aware of that?

In reality, Lu Yunshuang had always known such a day would come, which was why she had had no hesitation in drugging the soup, compelling Long Chi to sleep with her every night. However, she had yet to get pregnant, and already the Eastern Palace was about to be filled with new concubines, which was why she was so irritable.

She was honestly panicking.

She used to think that since Long Chi adored and pampered her so much, he would never allow her to be humiliated, but reality had given her a resounding slap in the face.

Regardless of how Long Chi treated her, he was only the Heir Apparent. The Emperor still had power over him.

Whatever the Emperor said was how it would be. How could Long Chi dare to defy his words?

It had already been a difficult feat to earn himself the title of Heir Apparent.

Something crossed her mind, and she quickly whispered a few phrases into Hong Xiu’s ear.

Hong Xiu understood and quickly retreated.

Long Chi returned not long later.

He was feeling guilty because beautiful women would soon be inducted into the Eastern Palace, and he was helpless to prevent it.

At this very moment, Shuang’er was surely heartbroken over the matter.

His steps quickened as he thought about this.

Sure enough, he saw Lu Yunshuang lying listlessly in bed when he entered the room. There were tear stains on her cheeks.

Long Chi’s heart clenched; immediately he went forward to help her up. “Shuang’er, are you not feeling well?”

Lu Yunshuang seized the opportunity to fall into his arms, shaking her head while sobbing. “I’m fine…”

“What’s wrong then?” Long Chi was puzzled.

Lu Yunshuang caught hold of the placket of his robe. “There will be new beauties coming into the Eastern Palace. You’ll forget me far too quickly, I fear, I…”

There was the sound of fabric tearing. She seemed to be too agitated and with a sudden surge of strength, pulled open his robe.

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