Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 173 - It Was Now Revealed Openly

Chapter 173: It Was Now Revealed Openly

Lu Tingchen had thought the Emperor would order that Weiwei be punished; he had not expected that His Majesty would gloss over the matter so lightly.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

He was to blame as well, because when they had entered the palace, he was aware that she was bringing along with her the medicine that she had prepared for the Emperor. Therefore, he had used his special privilege to prevent her belongings from being searched.

At this moment, Chief Physician Lin was standing off to the side, staring impatiently at Lu Liangwei.

“Second Miss Lu, would you be able to share with me the method and procedures for preparing the antidote, as well as the amount of ingredients used for it?”

This poison, Frostbite, was something he had been researching for many years. Despite that, he had been unable to find an antidote. It was only natural that he felt it hard to restrain himself, having seen that Lu Liangwei had managed to produce such an antidote. He was itching to wrest the pills from the Emperor’s grasp and take his time researching them.

Lu Liangwei understood his eagerness and agreed without hesitation. “Of course. I’ll write it down for you later.”

Chief Physician Lin was an extremely skilled medical practitioner, but curing poisons was not his forte. He was delighted when he heard her words. If he did not have misgivings over the fact that Lu Liangwei was a woman, he would have rushed toward her and grasped her hands tightly to express the gratitude he felt.

“That is wonderful, Second Miss Lu. Thank you so much!”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Chief Physician Lin, you’re much too kind.”

It was hardly any effort for her at all.

Besides, Chief Physician Lin was a skilled doctor and a man of good character and morals. It was alright for her to give him the prescription for the antidote.

After writing out the prescription, Lu Liangwei passed it to Chief Physician Lin. When she saw that it was getting late, she wanted to have Lu Tingchen inform Long Yang that she was leaving and escort her out of the Palace. However, when she turned to look for him, she discovered unexpectedly that Lu Tingchen was no longer in Hidden Dragon Palace.

She was a little vexed.

What was she to do? She wanted to leave the Palace and go home.

When Long Yang noticed this, the corners of his mouth curved up imperceptibly.

Luckily for him, he had found an excuse to send Lu Tingchen away in advance. Otherwise, this cheeky girl would have requested to leave the Palace.

He sat in his chair as if not noticing her impatience and leisurely flipped through his book.

Lu Liangwei felt that this was very odd. Was he not the Emperor? Was not the Emperor supposed to be busy with a million things every day?

How was it that he was able to stay here the entire day without doing any work?

Right at this moment, Long Yang suddenly lifted his head to glance at her. “I’m afraid Lu Tingchen will very likely not be leaving the Palace early today. It looks like it’s getting late. I will inform the Palace staff to prepare dinner. Second Miss Lu may accompany me for the meal.”

Lu Liangwei was slightly overwhelmed by the favor shown to her.

The Emperor was actually permitting her to accompany him for a meal?

Long Yang was not planning on waiting for her to agree either. As soon as he had finished speaking, he immediately instructed his servants to prepare dinner.

Lu Liangwei’s lips moved as if she were about to say something.

Long Yang noticed this, and something occurred to him. A hint of a smile hovered on his lips. “Would you like to add two more dishes?”

Lu Liangwei was slightly taken aback. “What?”

“Fish lips soup and hemp venison?”

Lu Liangwei’s immediate reaction upon hearing the names of the dishes was to swallow her saliva.

The truth was, those dishes were far too tempting and she also really enjoyed them.

She had attempted making these dishes, but every time she cooked them, she was dissatisfied with the outcome.

She did not know if it was because of the ingredients, or if it was because she had not yet mastered how to control the temperature of the fire during cooking.

She had tried making these dishes quite a few times, but each time they did not taste like what she wanted, so she had given up.

Those two dishes made by the imperial chef were always on her mind, and she often wondered when she would have the opportunity to taste them again.

She had forgotten about them as time passed. She had never expected to have another chance to sample them again.

In an instant, her eyes sparkled brightly.

Long Yang laughed quietly and immediately instructed for the two extra dishes to be made.

Lu Liangwei was a little embarrassed.

Her foodie nature had now been openly revealed.

When Long Yang turned back toward her, he saw her sitting there in slight embarrassment. Her petite face was lowered, and she was blushing slightly. He wondered what she was thinking about.

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