Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 160 - I Might Need Your Sister To Personally Conduct A Diagnosis On Me

Chapter 160: I Might Need Your Sister To Personally Conduct A Diagnosis On Me

Lu Hetian stared at Lu Liangwei, his gaze faintly startled and uneasy.

“Father, what’s wrong?” Lu Liangwei noticed how odd he looked and felt slightly worried.

Lu Hetian gave a start. “Nothing’s wrong. Why don’t you go back in?”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei answered, then went back into the mansion.

After taking a few steps, she turned around abruptly and saw Lu Hetian still standing where he was. The look in his eyes was somewhat difficult to fathom.

She was about to say something when Lu Hetian waved to her. “I’m off.”

With that, he strode out of the mansion.

Lu Liangwei felt a little puzzled as she watched his tall, noble figure departing.

Recently, her father had been behaving rather oddly.

If she was not mistaken, he was thinking of someone else through her.

As for who her father was thinking about, the answer went without saying.

She was suddenly curious about exactly what had happened between Lu Hetian and Madam Ling.

However, this topic was obviously taboo, a subject no one was allowed to broach.

Lu Liangwei thought about this, then changed her mind and headed to Fragrant Blooms Court instead.

There were many books on medicine at Fragrant Blooms Court; she had not read most of them in her previous life.

At the Palace, in the imperial study.

Long Yang had just finished drinking the medicine that Chief Physician Lin had personally boiled when Zhao Qian entered to report, “Master, the Grand Duke Mansion has sent someone here with a token of authority. They are requesting a meeting with you.”

Long Yang was slightly surprised. His gaze darted towards Lu Tingchen, who was standing off to the side. There was a surprised look on Lu Tingchen’s face as well; it was obvious that he did not know why Lu Hetian was here to see the Emperor.

“Invite him in, please.”

Zhao Qian immediately hurried out.

During this time, Chief Physician Lin sat beside the Emperor, carefully monitoring and diagnosing Long Yang’s pulse. After a moment, he stroked his beard and said in obvious delight, “After a few days of nursing your health, the condition of Your Majesty’s pulse has very clearly improved a great deal; it has gotten much stronger. From the looks of it, Second Miss Lu’s prescription has been quite beneficial to Your Majesty.”

Lu Tingchen’s expression relaxed when he heard this.

Even though he trusted Weiwei, she had only just started taking up medicine seriously. He was worried she might have missed something and would end up being punished by the Emperor.

He could let out a complete sigh of relief now that he had heard Chief Physician Lin’s words.

It seemed like Weiwei really did have a talent for medicine—or rather, he should say that Weiwei had inherited his mother’s talent.

“Your Majesty, yesterday, my sister requested that I inquire about how you are doing. She has completed the distillation of the pills. If Your Majesty’s health has suffered no serious impediment, she will present the pills to you.”

Something flickered within Long Yang’s inscrutable, enigmatic eyes. He lifted his brush and marked the Palace Memorials, his tone fairly casual. “My health is adequate, but your sister is the one who has created the antidote. In order to see if my body is able to sustain the antidote’s effects, I might need your sister to personally conduct a diagnosis on me.”

There was nothing wrong at all with what Long Yang said.

However, Lu Tingchen could not help feeling that something was not quite right. He frowned and said a little awkwardly, “Your Majesty, it would be inconvenient for my sister to enter the Palace, however.”

This time, before the Emperor could say anything, Chief Physician Lin spoke up first to help Long Yang come out with a plan. “Heir Presumptive Lu, it is actually not difficult for you to bring someone into the Palace. Second Miss Lu can be disguised as your subordinate.”

Truth to tell, Chief Physician Lin was quite excited about this; he could not wait to see the detoxification pills that Liu Liangwei had distilled.

He had been treating the toxins in the Emperor’s body for a long time, but all he had managed to do was to suppress them temporarily. He could only watch helplessly as the suppression began to fail and the toxins prepared to take effect. This had made him so anxious that his hair turned white overnight, yet there was nothing he could do at all.

He felt that he had failed the Emperor’s trust. If anything happened to the Emperor, he had decided that he would be buried with him.

However, Lu Liangwei’s appearance had given him new determination.

Lu Tingchen understood the urgency that Chief Physician Lin felt, so he did not take his words too seriously.

However, Long Yang accepted Chief Physician Lin’s suggestion and immediately said to Lu Tingchen, “I think Chief Physician Lin’s idea is an excellent one.”

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