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Chapter 161 - He Felt A Little Uncomfortable

Chapter 161: He Felt A Little Uncomfortable

Lu Tingchen was not very convinced and was about to say something, but Zhao Qian returned at that moment.

“Master, the Grand Duke has arrived.”

“Let him in.” Long Yang nodded, giving his permission.

Soon, Lu Hetian walked in from outside. Only after greeting the Emperor with an unwavering gaze did he notice that Lu Tingchen was also present.

Chief Physician Lin collected the medicine bowl and went out.

Lu Hetian’s heart sank at this sight. What Ji Qingyuan had said to him in the morning suddenly popped up in his mind.

Could it be that the Emperor really was unwell and that the rumors were not baseless?

Lost on thought, he looked at Long Yang a little concernedly. “Your Majesty, are you unwell?”

Long Yang’s expression was relaxed. “I am in good health. Your concern is appreciated, Grand Duke.”

However, his words did not ease Lu Hetian’s worry.

The Emperor would probably not admit it even if he really was ill.

He sighed internally, feeling a little sympathetic.

Although the Emperor was known to sometimes employ drastic measures, he had nevertheless made many significant changes to the Great Shang Kingdom during his reign.

It was all thanks to the Emperor that the Great Shang Kingdom enjoyed such prosperity today.

Be it the Crown Prince or the Prince of Xiangyang, no one could ever surpass the Emperor’s achievements.

“What brings you to the palace so suddenly today, Grand Duke?” Long Yang put down the brush he used for reviewing reports and asked quietly.

Long Yang had always highly respected this official, who was forever faithful to the Great Shang Kingdom.

Not to mention…

He was dazed for a moment.

His gaze fell on Lu Hetian’s determined and handsome face.

He realized that Lu Liangwei did not look like him, but Lu Tingchen’s features resembled his instead.

He had seen Madam Ling when he was young. Lu Liangwei looked very much like her.

Lu Hetian bowed his head slightly. “Your Majesty, I traveled to the palace today to discuss a matter related to the Crown Prince.”

As soon as he uttered those words, Lu Tingchen frowned deeply and could not help speaking up, “Father—”

Lu Hetian knew what he was worried about and cast him a glance, signaling for him to stay calm. He went on, “Please don’t misunderstand, Your Majesty. I just think that it’s inappropriate for the Crown Prince to marry my daughter Lu Yunshuang…”

The next instant, a coldness shrouded Long Yang’s features. He glanced at Lu Hetian coolly, his demeanor no longer gentle. “Oh, then what do you suggest, Duke?”

Lu Hetian could clearly sense the change in the Emperor’s attitude. For some reason, he felt a little uncomfortable when the Emperor’s gaze fell on him.

Since young, Lu Hetian had followed his father onto battlefields and had survived countless bloodbaths. Not many people could make him feel this way, and even when his father was alive, he rarely feared him. This Emperor was a few years younger than him, but he made him feel intimidated for the first time.

The discomfort in his heart only lasted briefly, and he regained his composure quickly. “In my humble opinion, we should expand the Eastern Palace by selecting a few women of ability and integrity from each noble house.”

Lu Tingchen was a little surprised at his father’s suggestion.

However, Long Yang’s expression suddenly brightened, and he nodded in agreement. “I also think that the Crown Prince has too few wives.”

Lu Hetian was astonished to hear that his proposal was not rejected.

He had thought that the Emperor would have many concerns about it. After all, expanding the Eastern Palace for the Crown Prince also meant increasing the Prince’s power.

He had even come up with an argument to convince the Emperor, but the Emperor agreed so readily, rendering his previous hard work all for naught.

He smiled wryly to himself. The Emperor’s mind was indeed an unpredictable enigma.

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