Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 159 - Loved To The Very Marrow

Chapter 159: Loved To The Very Marrow

The Dowager Duchess did not inquire too much about what had happened in the imperial court today, but judging by Lu Hetian’s words, she guessed that it had something to do with Lu Yunshuang.

She pondered for a moment before nodding slightly. “Your concern is valid. We don’t want to get too involved with the Crown Prince’s affairs, but if the Eastern Palace has only Shuang’er installed there as the only woman, others might think that the Grand Duke Family has pressured the Crown Prince. They might even misinterpret this as our having given certain promises to the Crown Prince in private.

“Even worse, they might think that the Grand Duke Family—which has never taken sides—is actually inclined toward the Crown Prince. Those imperial officials who are still on the fence might very well end up supporting the Crown Prince.”

Lu Hetian nodded. “I’ve just been weighing up those considerations myself. Besides, it might not be a good thing for Shuang’er to monopolize the Eastern Palace. That’s why I’m thinking of going to the Palace and requesting that the Emperor issue a decree for the Crown Prince to select several concubines. This way, the Grand Duke Family won’t always be scrutinized. Shuang’er’s every word and deed won’t be under constant surveillance either.”

The Dowager Duchess sighed. “Since you’ve already decided, just go ahead with it. I believe Shuang’er would understand.”

Lu Hetian nodded. As he was leaving, the Dowager Duchess suddenly asked, “If Weiwei were the one in this situation today instead of Shuang’er, would you still be so resolute?”

Lu Hetian was taken aback. He stayed silent for quite a while.

The Dowager Duchess saw this and had her answer—what more was there to understand?

Even without Lu Hetian saying anything more, she already knew what his answer would be.

Weiwei was special in her son’s heart. Shuang’er’s birth was an accident; it was also the reason for the deterioration of Lu Hetian’s relationship with Madam Ling.

It was already quite something, that he did not shift the blame for this matter onto Shuang’er. He had also treated Shuang’er quite well as a daughter all this while, but for him to dote on her the same way as he did Weiwei was impossible.

It was only human to practice favoritism. Moreover, Weiwei was the daughter Madam Ling had borne. The love and pampering Lu Hetian gave Weiwei was also a transference of the feelings he had had for Madam Ling.

“I understand. Go do what you need to do.” The Dowager Duchess waved him off.

Only after that did Lu Hetian leave Longevity Hall.

Even though he did not reply to the Dowager Duchess, he knew very well that in future, if Weiwei were eventually faced with the same problem as Shuang’er, he would definitely not come to such a decision.

Even if he had to put the Grand Duke Family’s reputation at stake, he would do everything he could to protect Weiwei and defend her from any attacks.

This was because Weiwei was the daughter that Xuehua had borne him[1], the woman he had loved to his very marrow…

Lu Liangwei had just returned to the Grand Duke Mansion along with Zhu Yu and Wang He when she bumped into Lu Hetian, who was heading out in a hurry.

Noticing that Lu Hetian looked as if something were weighing heavily on his mind, Lu Liangwei called to him in some curiosity, “Father, where are you going?”

When Lu Hetian saw Lu Liangwei, his serious expression immediately became gentle. He gave her a doting smile. “I’m going to the Palace for a while.”

Lu Liangwei was in a gossipy mood for once. “Didn’t you just come back not too long ago, Father? Why are you heading back to the Palace again?”

Lu Hetian replied grudgingly, “It’s for some military issues.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Oh, I see. Well, go on then, Father, but do remember to come home early. I’ll cook some dishes for you tonight.”

Lu Hetian’s gaze instantly softened to an extraordinary degree. He reached out to tousle her hair, teasing, “Very well. Make sure they’re delicious, otherwise you’ll have to be punished.”

Lu Liangwei stuck her tongue out at Lu Hetian but agreed obediently. “Alright, if it doesn’t taste good, then you don’t need to give me my allowance this month.”

[1] Possible author typo as she was previously known as Lihua

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