Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 154 - Suddenly Felt A Slight Chill

Chapter 154: Suddenly Felt A Slight Chill

Lin Qingyuan realized this a little too late. “That’s right. How did I not think of that? It’s not safe where you are either.”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes. How slow was this woman’s brain?

Lin Qingyuan thought about something and suddenly looked brightly at Lu Liangwei. “Why don’t we file a complaint before the imperial court and expose Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping’s evil doings?”

Lu Liangwei looked innocently at her. “Have you heard of the idiom, to catch a thief you must find the stolen goods?”

“What?” Lin Qingyuan gave her a puzzled look.

“They would have already destroyed the evidence the moment you found out about their secret. Would they stupidly allow someone else to get a hold over them?”

“Besides, you may have heard them talk about kidnapping women, but you have no idea where they would have sent those women. Even if you disclosed this matter to the Emperor and he had sent someone to investigate this, they would not be charged with a guilty sentence without any evidence. At most, it would only reveal Drunk Fragrance Pavilion as Lu Yunshuang’s personal asset. This won’t hurt her in any way.”

Lin Qingyuan’s complexion turned alternately green and white. She frowned and said, “Since they aren’t afraid of me exposing them, why would they still want to kill me?”

“It’s because you know too much. Why would they keep you alive when they can kill you?” Lu Liangwei said calmly.

Li Qingyuan had just heaved a sigh of relief when she heard what Lu Liangwei said, causing her to be anxious again. “Judging by what you said, does that mean they won’t let me off?”

Lu Liangwei stood up. “Good luck to you.”

Lin Qingyuan quickly stood up and blocked the door when she saw Lu Liangwei was about to leave. “Even though I won’t be going to your house, but you still need to see me go home safely.”

As she said this, her gaze moved toward Wang He.

She had witnessed him defeat Chen Xuping. With him around, there was no way Chen Xuping would do anything rash.

“Hey, you should protect me. I’ll pay you lots of money.”

Lu Liangwei sneered. “Have you asked my opinion about trying to poach my people in front of me?”

Lin Qingyuan said indignantly, “You were the one who poisoned him just now. With such a cruel and vicious mistress like you, I’d think any smart person would know who to choose.”

Lu Liangwei was not angry. Instead, she moved closer to Lin Qingyuan and said, “I see you haven’t forgotten how cruel and vicious I can be.”

She lifted her hand to pat Lin Qingyuan on the shoulder as she said this.

Lin Qingyuan suddenly felt a slight chill. She remembered what she had said to Wang He and quickly took a few steps back as she said aloud, “Don’t you dare take the opportunity to poison me.”

Lu Liangwei glared at her, speechless. She gave Zhu Yu a look.

Zhu Yu immediately went up front aggressively and easily pushed away Lin Qingyuan, who was leaning against the door.

She then turned obediently toward Lu Liangwei. “Miss, please.”

Lu Liangwei caressed Zhu Yu’s face and stepped out of the room.

Wang He followed suit from behind.

When Lin Qingyuan saw them walk away without looking back at her, she did not dare to stay back and quickly chased out after them.

In the end, Lu Liangwei escorted Lin Qingyuan back to the Minister’s Mansion.

On the way back to the Grand Duke Mansion, Wang He suddenly said, “Second Miss Lu, you’re worried about His Lordship being put on the spot, aren’t you?”

Lu Liangwei was stunned and took a while to realize what he was referring to.

She did not reply to his question, but instead said, “I didn’t poison you, don’t worry.”

Wang He felt relieved but quickly frowned. He had been tricked by this young girl.

“Don’t worry, Second Miss Lu, I won’t reveal this matter to His Lordship.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I know.”

On the other side of town, Lin Qingyuan had just stepped into the Minister’s Mansion when the look on her face changed. She was just about to turn back and slip away when her father called out to her. “Where have you ran off the entire day? Are you going out again when you’ve just only returned?”

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