Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 155 - I Would Rather Marry A Pig Or A Dog Than Marry Him

Chapter 155: I Would Rather Marry A Pig Or A Dog Than Marry Him

“I suddenly remembered I left something at Lu Liangwei’s place. I’m heading back to get it,” Lin Qingyuan replied, giving a forced excuse.

Her father grunted coldly. “Are you trying to trick me with such a lousy excuse? You don’t get along with Lu Liangwei at all. How is it possible that you’ve left something at her place?”

Lin Qingyuan’s mother tried to talk some sense into her as well. “Yuan’er, stop being so stubborn. Xuping did not stand you up on purpose. Didn’t he rush here to apologize to you immediately after he was done with work?”

Lin Qingyuan’s heart fell when she heard this. She turned to look at the man, who stayed silent throughout but with a smile on his face.

This was a scheming man. How could he make up such a lie to trick her parents?

The worse thing was that her parents had believed him.

Even if she had explained fervently in detail, she would have wasted her breath as her parents would not believe her.

Her father noticed her looking out of sorts, he sighed. “Aren’t you always thinking about marrying Xuping? Now that Xuping is here, you shouldn’t stand there looking so silly. He’s here to talk about the marriage plans between you two. Hurry up and come in.”

There was a time when Lin Qingyuan would have jumped for joy if she heard this news, but now, all she felt were chills in her heart.

This man had wanted to assassinate her earlier, now he wanted to marry her?

It looked like Chen Xuping had changed his mind. He no longer wanted to kill her but planned to marry her instead.

This way, she would fall right into his arms and be trapped, not being able to escape no matter how she struggled.

She trembled in rage and used every ounce of strength in her body to say out loud, “Father, mother, let me say this clearly today. I will not marry him. No, wait, I would rather marry a pig or a dog than marry him.”

There was silence in the living room.

It took quite a while for Lin Qingyuan’s parents to react. They were embarrassed and at the same time, looked apologetically at Chen Xuping. “Xuping, this girl has been spoiled rotten by us. Don’t take her words seriously.”

Chen Xuping relaxed his frown slightly, hiding the coldness within his eyes. He displayed a humble, gentlemanly demeanor. “Uncle, auntie, there is no need to be so serious about this. I grew up with Yuan’er, how could I not understand her temperament?”

He smiled and glanced at Lin Qingyuan as he said this, looking like he did not mind it at all.

Lin Qingyuan felt a nauseous chill at this.

She must have been truly blind back then when she was unable to see how despicable and fake Chen Xuping was.

She sneered. “Isn’t Lu Yunshuang your true love? Won’t you feel disgusted marrying me?”

Lin Qingyuan’s parents were shocked.

Her father’s face turned stern. “Shut up! You’re getting out of hand the older you get. How could you say something so treacherous?”

He turned to Chen Xuping. “You mentioned the tenth of next month. The timing might be a little tight, but it’s an auspicious day. Let’s fixed it for this date.”

Chen Xuping nodded and said respectfully. “Alright, Uncle.”

No matter how slow Lin Qingyuan was, she understood what they meant. How could they set the wedding date behind her back?

“I won’t marry him. Both of you can marry him if you want!” She shouted furiously and turned to run out.

Her father was turning green from rage. He turned toward Lin Qingyuan’s mother furiously. “Just look at the daughter you’ve brought up, what has she turned into?”

Lin Qingyuan’s mother was a little embarrassed with Chen Xuping around and immediately smiled apologetically. “This girl must be overwhelmed with joy. I’ll go take a look at her.”

With that, she quickly left.

Lin Qingyuan’s father looked at Chen Xuping with slight remorse. “Yuan’er doesn’t have the best temperament. Do be patient with her in the future.”

“You’re worried for nothing, Uncle. I think Yuan’er has good character. She’s straightforward and is not pretentious at all,” Chen Xuping lied.

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