Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 153 - Naturally, I Can Only Follow You

Chapter 153: Naturally, I Can Only Follow You

Lu Liangwei said dismissively, “It’s not too late for you to know that now. You should try hard to not offend me too much in the future, otherwise, you might unwittingly get it from me.”

Lin Qingyuan stared at her for a while before suddenly remembering something. There was a look of fearful realization on her face as she cowered and said, “Were you the one behind Lin Wanru’s [TN: Possible typo by author as the character is supposed to be Qin Wanru] breach of etiquette during the Emperor’s birthday banquet?”

Lu Liangwei did not deny it. She turned to look at Wang He. “Do you feel it now? You should feel a little uncomfortable near where your diaphragm is.”

The expression on Wang He’s face looked even worse than before.

Hearing what she had said, he consciously pressed near where his diaphragm was. It did feel different than usual.

A slight flash was seen in Lu Liangwei’s eyes when she noticed this.

She actually did not poison Wang He. Aside from the fact that she did not bring any poison with her today, Wang He’s loyalty to Lu Hetian was a good enough reason for her to not lay a finger on him.

She had only wanted to threaten him.

The reason he felt uncomfortable was nothing but a psychological effect.

She did it because she not want Lu Hetian to be implicate.

If he were to find out Lu Yunshuang was such a terrible person, not only would he be sad about it, he would also try to stop her.

As for Lu Yunshuang, she had done too much for her to consider stopping now. She was, after all, Lu Hetian’s daughter and would do her best to persuade Lu Hetian to support the Crown Prince and be his supporter.

This was not something Lu Liangwei wanted to see happen.

Lu Hetian might not necessarily be persuaded, but he was someone who would blindly protect his loved ones. Even though he did not particularly adore Lu Yunshuang, but he would never stand by and watch as she did wrong.

There were also assassins under Lu Yunshuang’s control. If she failed to get Lu Hetian on her side, there was a chance she might have him assassinated.

Even though Lu Hetian had a great command of the martial arts, but there was no guarantee he could always watch over his shoulders.

Lu Liangwei really liked this father whom she had unexpectedly gained. Naturally, she wished no harm for him in any way.

That was why it was best not to reveal Lu Yunshuang’s doings to him.

Lin Qingyuan looked at Lu Liangwei uneasily and asked, “What’s going to happen to me next?”

Lu Liangwei thought this comical as she replied, “Miss Lin, you aren’t thinking of following me around, are you?”

Lin Qingyuan’s eyes brightened. “That’s a good idea. Let me stay over at your house for the next few days. I can accompany you and chat with you so you won’t be bored.”

Lu Liangwei gave her a look of disdain. “I don’t need you to do that.”

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

She clenched her teeth. She did not expect Lu Liangwei would reject her point-blank. However, she did not have the luxury to be embarrassed and immediately displayed a pitiful look on her face. “They won’t let me off now that I’ve found out their secret. Are you going to just stand by the side and watch me die without doing anything?”

“Why not?” Lu Liangwei nodded without care.

Lin Qingyuan was almost crying. “How can you be so hard-hearted?”

“It’s not too late for you to realize now.”

Lin Qingyuan rested her head on the table and started crying miserably. She wailed, “Why did I end up in such a terrible state? I’ve been betrayed by my fiancé and am now being hunted down. Why do I have such a bitter life?”

The three people in the room, “…”

Lu Liangwei sat as she watched Lin Qingyuan sobbed for quite a while. Finally, she said a little impatiently, “Are you sure you don’t want to go home and continue following me wherever I go?”

Hearing what she said, Lin Qingyuan, who was supposed to be sobbing on the table, suddenly lifted her head and gave Lu Liangwei a look so bright that it was almost scary. “You’re currently the only one who can save my life. Naturally, I can only follow you.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched. “I’ll be upfront about this. You said the name of the masked man out loud today in the alleyway. Not only did he want to kill you, but he also wanted me and Zhu Yu dead. Are you sure you want to follow me?”

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