Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 152 - Actions Under The Table

Chapter 152: Actions Under The Table

Lin Qingyuan’s voice trembled with extreme grief and anger.

Lu Liangwei somewhat sympathized with her. Although this woman was not so decent herself, Chen Xuping was definitely the worst scumbag she had ever known.

It was not as terrible if he did not love her, but he wanted to kill her.

“It’s also fortunate that you could discover his true colors in time,” Lu Liangwei’s tone had gotten much gentler.

Lin Qingyuan’s expression softened at her words, but she pursed her lips and said awkwardly, “Are you trying to comfort me?”

Lu Liangwei did not want to deal another blow to her, so she nodded. “I guess.”

Lin Qingyuan suddenly felt a little emotional.

She had regarded Lu Yunshuang as a close friend, but the latter got intimate with her fiance. Most importantly, when she was discovered in Drunk Fragrance Pavilion just now, she heard Lu Yunshuang ordering Chen Xuping to kill her.

Her heart went cold at that memory.

On the other hand, Lu Liangwei, whom she had been picking on all this time, was willing to lend a helping hand to her. Although this woman spoke harshly, she was not a double-faced person like Lu Yunshuang.

“By the way, what did Chen Xuping order his servant? What was it that made him want to kill you?” Lu Liangwei asked with a frown. She had a feeling that it might be related to the matter she had asked Youyou to investigate.

Sure enough, she heard Lin Qingyuan explain the next moment, “I suspect that Drunk Fragrance Pavilion has been doing some illegal stuff. There was a beautiful young woman who went in to have a meal. I saw her being drugged and taken to the backyard with my own eyes. I even heard Chen Xuping ordering his servant to send that woman to another place.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart thumped. “What place?”

Lin Qingyuan shook her head. “I was panicking at that time and didn’t hear clearly.”

Lu Liangwei fell silent for a while. When she sensed Wang He’s gaze on her, her eyes glinted, and she poured a cup of tea herself and offered it to Wang He. “Brother He, it’s all thanks to you today. Have a cup of tea.”

Overwhelmed by her sudden compliment, Wang He reached out and accepted it. “Thank you, Second Miss.”

“You’re welcome.” Lu Liangwei smiled. After watching him drink the whole cup, she said slowly, “Brother He, do you feel any pain in the left side of your abdomen?”

Wang He gave her a confused glance at first, but then a thought struck him, and his expression changed. “What do you mean, Second Miss?”

Lu Liangwei beamed at him. “Exactly what you think I mean.”

Wang He’s face turned grim. “Why are you doing this, Second Miss?”

“Because you serve my father. It’s not good for him to know what happened today, so I could only resort to this. Forgive me, Brother He.”

Lin Qingyuan stared at both of them in bewilderment.

Wang He said in a low voice, “If you don’t want the Duke to know about this, you could have just told me, Second Miss. Why did you have to drug the tea?”

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “You serve my father. I don’t believe you’ll listen to me.”

Wang He felt exasperated and helpless at the same time. “Please don’t lie to me, Second Miss. I was watching you all the time just now. You didn’t have any chance to drug the tea.”

Lu Liangwei said calmly, “Although you’ve been watching me, you can’t see my actions under the table from where you’re standing. Some poisons don’t necessarily have to go into the tea, they can also take effect when smeared on the rim.”

Lin Qingyuan was appalled when she finally understood their conversation.

She stared at Lu Liangwei in disbelief. “You’re so scary!” She seemed as if it was her first day meeting her.

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