Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 151 - Accidentally Discovered Someone’s Secret

Chapter 151: Accidentally Discovered Someone’s Secret

Lin Qingyuan gritted her teeth in rage and snapped at Lu Liangwei, “Lu Liangwei, is this how you discipline your servants?”

Lu Liangwei snorted. “What’s the matter? Do you have a problem with that? But you’ve obviously misunderstood. Brother He is not a servant; he’s my father’s personal guard captain. You should be honored that he’s willing to help you, yet you refused his help. Sigh, how ridiculous.”

As she spoke, she shook her head, then said to Wang He, “Brother He, let’s go!”

Feeling a wave of warmth inside, Wang He nodded immediately. Before leaving, he did not forget to give Lin Qingyuan a scare. “We should leave quickly. I feel that that masked man won’t give up so easily. He’ll definitely come back.”

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth curved upward. Sure enough, Lin Qingyuan’s complexion turned a few shades paler, and she hurriedly grabbed onto Lu Liangwei’s arm tightly. “Lu Liangwei, you can’t leave an acquaintance behind.”

Lu Liangwei snickered and pushed her hands away, her expression indifferent. “I don’t remember us being familiar with each other. In fact, we even have history.”

Lin Qingyuan looked uneasy. Remembering how she used to pick on her for Lu Yunshuang’s sake, she felt guilty and mumbled, “I was ignorant and didn’t see their true colors in the past. Please forgive me; I won’t pick on you anymore.”

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips. “Never mind. Anyway, judging from the situation today, it looks like you accidentally discovered someone’s secret and you’ll probably get killed sooner or later. I don’t want to bicker with a person who’s going to die anytime.”

Her words were impactful enough to force frightened tears out of Lin Qingyuan once again. “I don’t want to die… you can’t just leave me to die like that…”

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. “Are you mourning your death now? Hurry and keep up if you don’t want to die.” With that, she no longer paid attention to her and left with Zhu Yu and Wang He.

Seeing this, Lin Qingyuan had no time to continue crying. She wiped her tears and quickly followed them.

Her walking speed did not seem like that of a person with weak legs.

Lu Liangwei did not go back to the Grand Duke Mansion right away but went to a tranquil teahouse.

The group entered a private room and sat down.

“Now, you can spill everything that you know,” Lu Liangwei went straight to the point.

After going through a round of bickering and having her wound bandaged, Lin Qingyuan seemed less pale and calmed down considerably. However, she still flared up at the mention of that topic.

“I never thought that Chen Xuping would actually cheat on me with Lu Yunshuang, and he even did things for her discreetly.

“Last time, you told me to snoop around Drunk Fragrance Pavilion. Although I didn’t want to believe you, I couldn’t help myself from going there today secretly. Not only did I see him and Lu Yunshuang appear there together, I even overheard them giving orders to their servants. I was shocked and wanted to run, but he found out…”

At that moment, she sounded a little disappointed.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her, somehow understanding her feelings.

After all, the woman had been in love with Chen Xuping for so long.


“Are you sure that that masked man was Chen Xuping?”

At her words, pain flitted across Lin Qingyuan’s face, and she said bitterly, “He wanted to silence me and probably thought that I couldn’t escape. Although he covered his face, he didn’t even change his clothes. I saw him wearing that robe at Drunk Fragrance Pavilion today.

“Also, you could say that we grew up together as children. Even with his face covered, I can still recognize his eyes. He’s Chen Xuping, without a doubt. To be honest, I wasn’t this angry when I discovered him cheating on me with Lu Yunshuang. What angered me the most was that he tried to kill me…”

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