Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1423 - 1423 Come Over Here, Lil Qi

1423 Come Over Here, Lil Qi

His gaze shifted to Buddhist prayer beads at the side. He paused.

His mother always wore one on her wrist. According to her, Great-grandmother was the one who gave it to her.

He had touched those beads before. They were quite smooth and nice to touch.

However, the beads in front of him looked a little different.

Just as he was about to pick them up to have a closer look, he suddenly heard his mother call out to him.


He stopped and turned to look at his mother.

He could not understand the expression on his mother’s face, but he saw her grabbing his father’s arm firmly.

For some reason, he could detect the expectation in his mother’s eyes.

Of course, he did not really understand what it meant.

Nevertheless, when he saw his older little sister crawling ahead of him and reaching out for the jade imperial seal, he swiftly picked it up and clutched it in his arms.

Lu Liangwei was relieved.

When she saw Yin’er about to grab the Buddhist prayer beads, she suddenly had a bad premonition.

She could not explain where the feeling came from; it just happened.

Regardless, she was greatly relieved when she saw Yin’er clutching the imperial jade seal.

Lu Liangwei did not want to insist on him inheriting Long Yang’s position, but he was a boy and she could not have any more children, which was why she could only place her hopes on him. She prayed the young boy would have enough power in the future to protect his two sisters.

Everyone applauded when they saw this.

The Dowager Duchess said happily, “Yin’er might be young, but he is quite calm and composed. This character is just like His Majesty.”

Everyone agreed with her.

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. He was satisfied with Long Yin’s performance.

While Long Yin was receiving everyone’s praise, Yaoyao, who failed to get the imperial jade seal, suddenly grabbed her big brother’s arm and bit it.

Long Yin recoiled from the pain, but he was not angry. He reached out with his other hand and grabbed her chin. “Yaoyao, dirty hands. Don’t bite.”

He had been learning to speak recently and was able to complete a full sentence.

Yaoyao eyed the imperial jade seal with tears in her eyes. “Big brother, I want…”

Long Yin looked at the drool and bite marks on his arm and imitated what his father usually did. He rubbed her head with slight exasperation and dragged the phoenix seal, which was nearby, over to her and stuffed it into her arms.

When Yaoyao saw the phoenix seal, which looked very similar to the jade imperial seal, she stopped crying and smiled, hugging the phoenix seal tightly. She no longer wanted anything else looked like she would never let go of the seal.

Lu Liangwei was taken aback when she saw Yaoyao holding the phoenix seal. She actually chose the phoenix seal over the myriad of silk, satin, pearls, and jade.

Could this girl aspire to be the Empress in the future?

She was dumbstruck when this thought crossed her mind.

As she watched her son being so patient and caring to his sister, Lu Liangwei found herself feeling a little worried.

It was a good thing for siblings to have a close relationship, but it would be unacceptable if it developed into incest.

When Long Yang saw the concerned look on her face while watching the brother and sister, he paused for a moment and vaguely guessed the worry in her mind. He was amused and exasperated at the same time. He pinched her finger and asked, “What sort of wild imagination is running through your head now?”

Lu Liangwei held back the worry in her heart and perked herself up. “Nothing.”

Next up was Ji’er.

There was nothing she particularly liked. After going through all the items, she stood up and stumbled toward a bunch of weapons.

She examined them one by one, then bent over to touch a sword.

She grabbed the hilt of the sword, trying to unsheathe out, but she was not strong enough and eventually gave up.

At that very moment, Lil Qi walked in.

He knew that Ji’er was celebrating the One-year-old Pick today and had rushed back specifically for her.

He had thought he would miss the ceremony, but he was right on time. The event had yet to end.

As though she had sensed his appearance, Ji’er immediately turned to look at the door.

When she saw Chu Qi walking in, a smile spread across her face. She reached her hands out to wave him over. “Come over here, Lil Qi…”

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